Cristina Reyna-Neel


Best Things About Your Kids? Tell Them With a Valentine!

Love notes: I dole ‘em out like candy. My boys find ‘em on the mirror in the bathroom. In their rooms. Written on snack bags. My husband gets ‘em in his lunch. On the...

Out-of-the-Box Date Nights in Austin

This time of year always fills me to the brim with contentment that has nothing to do with puffy vests or Ugg boots. Let’s be clear. I’ll take tamales over pumpkin-spiced lattes any day....

8 Easy Halloween Snacks

We’re big fans of themed food at our house and Halloween offers me and my little foodies the opportunity to go happily overboard on the silly snacks. Here are a few incredibly easy Halloween treats you...

One Thing I Know About Marriage One Year In

A year ago, I stood patiently waiting out of sight to marry my Mr. Wonderful when one of my best gals turned to me and said, “You’re the calmest bride I’ve ever seen.” I was...
Camping with Kids

10 Unexpected Must-Haves for Camping with Kids

My husband and I took our twin sons on a cub scout campout recently (the second time in 18 months that we've spent the night in the woods with 30 little boys) so we...

Where Kids Eat Free in Austin :: 90 Options

Food doesn’t get much better than free, especially when it comes to mini mouths and picky palates. Satisfy your selective snackers and adventurous eaters alike at any of these Austin restaurants where kids eat...

Meet Cristina Reyna-Neel

Hi there! I’m Cristina – a writer, newlywed and bonus mom keen on philanthropy, nachos and good puns. Austin is my place of birth, but I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of deep...