Erin Ellis

Erin Ellis
Erin owns Events by Erin, a custom event planning business and co-owns Ellis Designs LLC, a custom woodworking business with her husband, John Ellis. Together, their greatest design is their wonderful daughter, Elizabeth. Erin is an Austin native and graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a degree in English. She lives in Round Rock, enjoys running, going to the movies and the beach, and of course, writing for Austin Moms Blog!
Memorial Day Getaways

Quick Getaways for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always special for us since we have several family members on both sides who serve or served in the military. I love seeing old pictures of my grandfathers in uniform, one...
Infertility Awareness

Hopefully Fertile {National Infertility Awareness Week}

Fertility Naivety Remember when you were in your twenties, and some of your friends started getting pregnant, and you thought, “awwwww…” then texted your other non-pregnant friends and made plans for going out that weekend,...
swimsuit challenged

For the Swimsuit-Shopping Challenged

Swim suit shopping. Oh no. It’s that time of year. That time when you realize you didn’t quite keep up with your New Year’s resolution and, oh crap! It’s hot outside. It’s officially swimsuit-shopping...
acid reflux or colic

Surviving Acid Reflux or Colic

What it’s like surviving acid reflux or colic: Imagine someone hands you your precious newborn baby, and then imagine she NEVER. STOPS. CRYING. One may think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. For a while, before meds,...

Meet Erin Ellis

Hey, y’all! I’m Erin and I am honored and excited I get to share this whole motherhood journey with you! Right now, I am typing on my laptop while sitting cross-legged on the couch...