Jennifer Baker


Talking to kids about Santa

How to talk to your kids about Santa? Well, the thing is, like most mothering topics, there is no right or wrong way. Not only is it different for each family, I think it's...

Rules Are Meant to be Broken: Pre-Mommy Rules

B.C. Before Children. We all had a list of rules that we swore to ourselves (and unfortunately to others that can hold us accountable) that we would uphold or never do once we had...

Kid (and Mama) Friendly Food

Me trying to write about how to make kid friendly food is like me trying to do, well,'s not pretty. If I'm not serving Mac N Cheese "out of the blue box" or...

Top Extra Curricular Activities for Your Crew

When you have 3 kids in activities, finding balance can be a challenge. It's hard when they are little...and I'm here to tell you, it doesn't get any easier as they get older! Gone...

It’s PARTAAYYY Time-An Austin Guide to the PERFECT Party

We all want our kid's birthday parties to be fun and memorable. And if you're like me and have three kids, you can find that you're limited on time, ideas and budget! When I...