Kaitlyn Motley


Give Back This Thanksgiving!

Looking to volunteer this Thanksgiving? There are many opportunities around the Austin area where you can spread a little love, kindness and support. Bring the whole family and give back to your community! Central Texas...

New Baby, New City, New Job: Finding My Way

Being a new mom is hard, I think we can all agree on that. Throw in a move across the country while pregnant to a city where you know pretty much no one, start...

Our NICU Journey

It was our first night as a family and at 4 a.m., the nurses were doing their check in on our little girl. In my sleepy fog, I watched as they checked her out....

The Job Hunt and the Baby Bump

Sometimes life changes. Sometimes you have to make changes that you didn’t plan on. In some cases, FAST! That was my story. Two weeks into our marriage, we found out we were pregnant. We wanted...

Mythbusters: Foster Care

Foster care has been in the news a lot lately – for good and bad reasons. The truth is, foster care is an amazing opportunity to ensure all kids can have stable and loving...

The Adventures of Breastfeeding (the Good and the Bad)

You have likely heard all about breastfeeding, maybe you have attended a class, heard stories from your friends, or read the many articles that claim that breastfeeding has oh so many benefits. For me,...

Best Shaded Playgrounds In and Around Austin!

Summer is here and that means it’s gonna get HOT! But, we all know our little ones need to get outside, run off some energy, and play! So you just need to find a...
Father's Day

To My Father on Father’s Day: I Miss You

I was 22 when I got the call from my mom. Something was wrong she said. I had to come home right away. They didn’t know yet what it was, but we would soon...

Take a Stand Against Mom Bullies!

Recently, I decided to take a stand against mom bullies. No longer will I be shamed for breastfeeding in public or for having a baby that won’t sleep through the night. No longer will...
Boost Your Supply

10 Ways to Boost Your Supply

One worry of being a first time mom that never crossed my mind before my little one arrived -- my milk supply! I had the crib, diapers, so many clothes… And, I assumed my...