Kimberly Peña

Kimberly Peña
Hello AMB readers! I'm Kim, a working momma married to the love of my life, Marco. We welcomed our joy boy, Thomas, in 2013 who is hearing impaired and full of energy! I am a history teacher by day and blogger by night. I love staying busy and always have about a dozen projects in my head at any given moment. I love spending time with my boys, creating inquiry based learning units, and blogging about cooking, motherhood, marriage, and womanhood here and at

What No One Tells You After You Have Your Baby

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10 Reasons You Need Your Mother After Your Twenties

I'm in my 30s and there is no denying it, I am an adult. I shouldn’t need mothering, I am a very independent woman after all, but I still do. I felt like I was supposed...

In Defense of the Put Together Mom

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5 Things to Share with Your Child About Black History Month

Black History Month is a time designated to highlighting achievements and contributions of African Americans that historically weren't as focused on in traditional history classes. Here are 5 things any Texas mom should share...

Meet Kimberly Peña

Hello ATX mommas! I am so excited to be joining the wonderful group of ladies at the AMB! I am originally an Okie but came to TX as soon as I could. My love...