Kimberly Peña

Kimberly Peña
Hello AMB readers! I'm Kim, a working momma married to the love of my life, Marco. We welcomed our joy boy, Thomas, in 2013 who is hearing impaired and full of energy! I am a history teacher by day and blogger by night. I love staying busy and always have about a dozen projects in my head at any given moment. I love spending time with my boys, creating inquiry based learning units, and blogging about cooking, motherhood, marriage, and womanhood here and at
Memorial Day

Honoring Memorial Day with Kids

Memorial Day is here and so many of us have gone about this weekend with our traditions, maybe with family, or cooking out, or even at the lake. It is a holiday many of us looked...
threenagers are the worst

Three Ways Threenagers are the Worst {How to Survive it}

I have yet to understand why God gives parents threenagers AFTER terrible twos but it happens and it's rough. Let's be honest -- threenagers are stinkin' hard. Here is why threenagers are the worst:  Bye Bye Tantrums, Hello...

Loving My Mombod

Loving your body isn't an easy feat for most women regardless of your age or station in life. Having a child changes your body. Even if you get your body "back" it's not the...
Having a Boy

10 Things No One Tells You About Having a Boy

You can read all the books you want but there are still some things no one tells you about having a boy. Here are 10 things that surprised me about having a boy:  The Appetite is...

International Women’s Day Matters to Every Woman

International Women's Day is today. In our country the month of March is also Women's History Month. Regardless of your current political views or perception on the state of women in our country, these...

How I Got My Voice Through Speech Therapy

Church...Exercise...Shush... These are words that once gave me intense anxiety. I grew up scanning chapters before I would volunteer to read aloud. I once asked to go to the bathroom, nearly hyperventilating, to avoid having...

Why I Still Write Thank You Cards and Wish We All Did

Thank you, it seems like a simple notion, but it can be a powerful one as well. Growing up writing thank you cards was something ingrained in me. I took it for granted as...

5 Valentine Ideas for the Busy Couple

Let me say, while I fully get the idea that we shouldn't just be romantic one day of the year, the reality is when you're a busy couple you don't turn down any reason...

What Moms are Really Worth

Recently I saw on social media about what mothers who choose different paths are worth. I’m sure you’ve seen them. What a stay-at-home mom or working mom is worth? One post about the stay-at-home...

20 Things to Do in Austin to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

I am there every year. The holidays are over and now what? Resolutions? Bah Humbug! The beauty is that we live in Austin, Texas and this city never stops! Here are 20 awesome things to do...