Marisa WIlliams

Marisa WIlliams

Top 5 Restaurants If You Just Don’t Feel Like Cooking on Thanksgiving.

I know that part of the Thanksgiving tradition is to gather in the kitchen and cook with your family. And on TV and movies they make this look so warm and loving. When in...

This One’s For the Boys

With it being the middle of "Movember", I thought it was only appropriate to ask someone more qualified than myself to weigh in on testicular cancer and men's health. My friend, Jessica Karlsruher, development...
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10 Tips to Healthy Eating For Kids

Getting kids to eat healthy or to eat at all can be a daunting task. I’m lucky that my oldest daughter is one the most adventurous eaters I know. She will try anything once...

When Did I Get Fat?

The Austin Moms Blog contributing team recently had team photos taken by the talented, Laura Morsman Photography and after examining our pics I noticed something different... Looking at these pictures below I am amazed...

Changes in Austin Are Just Around the Corner! It’s Voting Time

Look out ladies, things are about to get crazy during November elections. Not really, but there are  some changes headed your way. I know November seems like a million miles away, but in election...