Which TV Mom Are You?I watch Parenthood. And by watch Parenthood I mean that I saw one episode this time last year and watched every.single.episode a-la-binge-watching and am now in love with this TV family. As a mom, I can’t help but look at these characters and try and figure out who I am most like. You’ve seen this type of conversation happen before around Sex and the City characters, right? Are you a Charlotte? A Miranda or a Carrie? So, here we go.

Some TV mom personalities–not limited to Parenthood.  Which TV Mom are you most like? Side Note: While writing
today’s blog I realized that I do not watch enough TV to know more than five TV moms substantially enough to write a blog, so forgive my limited perspective.
Let’s kick it old school to

Mrs. Carol Brady Here’s the story, of a lovely, stay-at home, do-it-all lady. Carol Brady was the mom, who despite having six
children and an amazing helper in Alice, got it done.  This is the mom who had the absolute best advice for every situation.
Husband’s having a rough week at the office, Carol had some anecdote that would calm his spirits. Marsha having issues with
peer pressure, enter Carol and her amazing advice. Although I did not watch her during her original run (1969-1974,) I can say that I watched reruns growing up, her approach was not intimidating. When you think about it, Carol had it pretty good…she was your classic stay-at-home mom who had help around the house and participated in every community service activity she wanted, but it wasn’t annoying. I think if television today tried to create a character with the same living situation as Carol Brady, we’d all hate her.

The Braverman Women

  • Julia- A mom after my own heart. Until recently, Julia was the kick-ass working mom of one sassy little lady. She worked full time as an attorney, while her husband stayed at home.  Recently there has been a shift in the leadership of their home, as her husband has gone back to work after she resigned, and it’s been challenging for her. They’ve also an older boy who has conflict with their daughter on and off (like your everyday siblings do.) For Julia, work, and the product of her work, fulfills her in the same capacity being a wife and mom does and the absence of that professional success has been a challenge. I, thankfully, cannot relate to Julia in terms of shifting from being a working mom to a stay-at-home-mom, but I can relate in the sense that I completely understand that unwavering level of fulfillment from being a working-out-of-the-home-mom.
  • Sarah-The cool mom. Maybe not so cool if your kid is going over to her house, but way cool if she’s your mom.  She
    was young and careless when she got married to a rocker man and had two little band babies as a result. She’s more of the free spirit, “if you’re going to drink, drink in the house” kind of mom. I like Sarah and know that deep down she wishes she had made better life choices that would put her in a better position both financially and career wise, but she has a heart of gold. Right now she is struggling with her daughter going down the same path she did and she’s trying to offer sound advice, but because she’s been the cool mom it’s being dismissed. This may not be the case completely, but the show at least makes it seem, that she isn’t taken as seriously (because she hasn’t made the best choices) by her family and her kids…that can’t feel good.
  • Kristina-Now that I’m thinking about this…she’s kind of like Carol Brady minus Alice. She’s worked on-and-off, but for the
    most part, she’s the rock that Adam Braverman needs. I know a lot of Kristina’s and I admire them all.

Dr. Meredith Grey

Dr. Grey is kind-of like Julia Braverman in the working-out-of-the-home sense, but she’s got some major drama. I know about you, but I have seen EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE of Grey’s Anatomy…some of them twice and thrice and I feel like if Meredith were my friend I’d say “ASK ME ABOUT MY DAY!!” I love Meredith, I think she’s smart and knows herself well. Not quite sure what her momability is because that piece of her is loosely portrayed. However, being a great mom is important to her and does share that often.

Soo…who am I missing? Who is your favorite TV Mom and, of them all, which TV Mom are YOU?


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