10 Things I Want to Say to My Husband This Father’s Day


fathers day

It’s almost Father’s Day, babe.  

And I have so many things to say to you.

Why, ten, to be exact.  

Most of our evenings are spent getting our wee men down for bed, then crashing on the couch to watch TV and play on our phones (hey, we snuggle while we are doing it, so it’s fine..our marriage is healthy), and I don’t always have the opportunity to say all the things I want to say to you.  

Social media is FOR SURE the best way to accomplish this.  

So, first of all….

You can count this as your card. You aren’t getting this AND a card.

Second, I love you.  

No, like I REALLY love you.  

You know how people say, “I COULD do this without you, but I just wouldn’t WANT to?” I feel that way. I probably COULD raise our boys without you, but GAWD I would never want to, and if I did? The things they would miss out on would be too numerous to count.  

Third… You’re definitely the only person I’d want to do this with. Sometimes we go out to a restaurant or bar or something, and I look around and think, “THIS is what’s out there? THIS is what’s available?” Thank goodness I found you when I did. If you were even SLIGHTLY more crazy it would probably send me over the edge, and if you were even slightly LESS crazy, I’d be bored silly. You’re perfect. And besides, I don’t have time to explain to someone else that when I’m clicking my tongue, it means I’m worried about something. YOU already know things like that.  

Fourth…Surprise! I’m pregnant again. Kidding. Can you imagine? But do you remember when I WAS, and that’s basically the way I told you…only, while weeping tears of agony and despair? We sure do love that boy now though, don’t we? 

Fifth…You’re a lot better than you think. You are exactly what our boys need. They don’t need “fun dad”…you know, the dad we  make fun of  so admire, that chases his kids through bounce houses and hurls himself into ball pits with them (probably while wearing a fanny pack and sporting a shirt that says, “I HEART My Wife) …they need Solid Dad. Steady Dad. Dad That’s Always Gonna Be There Dad. You’re that dad, and they know it. 

Sixth…Thanks. Thanks for being the logic and reason to my emotion and nonsense. Thanks for lightening it up, when I try to make it too heavy (but thanks for your willingness to be “heavy” sometimes too,  because, I mean, SOMETIMES things NEED to be heavy.) Thanks for pouring my wine and my coffee before you pour your own, and thanks for making me pretty much just swoon when you say things to the boys like, “You guys better take care of my girl while I’m at work today.”  Swoon.  

Seventh…For the record, I don’t “do” kid birthday parties or poop diapers either, and yet…I do.  Not NECESSARILY implying that YOU should… just saying…JUST SAYIN’.  

Eighth…It’s ok that you want to spend Father’s Day NOT being a father. I get it. I actually DO want to be a mother on Mother’s Day. But on Monday? Tuesday? Not always.  

Ninth…It kind of pisses me off how much more sleep you average than me. That’s it. It just does. 

Tenth…I apologize for how often you catch me creepily lurking near you with my camera. It’s just that every time I turn around and see you in the morning, messy haired, with all three of our equally messy haired boys piled up on top of you watching a movie, all I want to do is snap a pic and…POST IT, because I feel that EVERYONE needs to be privy to that cuteness. Ditto to when you get home from work and instantly start shooting hoops with G-man. Ditto to when y’all pile into the truck and head off for pancakes on Saturday mornings. Click, click and click.

So that’s it.

Tonight we can curl up on the couch tonight and stare at our phones and/or TV, and not feel bad about it, because we’ve already had this really deep conversation.

Happy Father’s Day. I love you, man!



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