Alright ladies, 2020 is about to kick off. While I am all about reflecting on the wonderful, and not so wonderful things, I am grateful for in 2019, I also look to the New Year to challenge myself.

As I move into another year as a mom to a toddler and a tween, I find my resolution inspiration from Maya Angelou, “The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humor and style.”

Now, let’s not oversell it here. I am not getting a personality lobotomy and my work-life balance still needs help, but I wanted to more than survive my life.

Let’s start with one or two resolutions. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Those people with lists are writing goals, not resolutions. Should you resolve to cook more and eat out less? What about setting intentional time with your children? Is it working out/losing weight? Is it finally time to carve out something just for yourself?

  • Cooking more & eating out less is not always an easy one.

There are so many things on the calendar and some of us have never been great cooks.

A recent study found that 10% of American families never eat dinner together and over 40% wish it happened more often.

To make entering/re-entering the kitchen a little easier, check out meal kit options that get delivered right to your door with all the ingredients pre-measured! Each have their pros and cons so, try a few with a first timer coupon and discover which fits your family best. If you don’t want to commit to a meal kit, reach out to a few moms and start a recipe share. Found out their fam favorite that on their regular rotation. Pro-tip, don’t take on meals that are longer than 30-45minutes.

The survey also found that 88% of families wanted more time with their family at the dinner table rather than time preparing the meal.

How to hold yourself accountable? Share the load. Tell the family you want a dinner night and decide together which it is. If your kids are old enough, get them in the kitchen, setting the table, clearing the table, or doing the dishes. This could be a gateway to many productive family actions.

  • When you think about the time you spend with your kids, is it intentional?

After reading fellow Austin Moms blog post “It’s Time To Stop Multi-Tasking” I was determined to spend more intentional time with my girls.

For the tween, I asked what she liked doing with me. Her response; cooking, shopping and volunteering. These are our things. I smile and listen a lot. Making it a point to let her lead the conversation, whether it’s about the latest trend while we shop, her love of measuring all the ingredients, or her joy in “styling” an outfit for a child in need. With the toddler, knowing she is the last and how quickly time flies, I’ve tweaked how I show up as a mom. We color (out of the lines) a lot, we read the same books over and over again, and we play lots of pretend with plastic food, or babies, or hot wheels. If you know me, this is the toughest because I am a realist and all logic. I much prefer when she wants to put lotion on or file my nails but, pretend makes her happy. And when she said “thank you for playing with me” I about melted into a blubbering mess. Have a grandma or significant other keep you accountable on this one. They can be an amazing source of support once they know your intent.

  • Working out more or losing weight is atop many resolution lists year after year so, how do we stick with it?

We have never lived in a time where we have access to so many options. There are diets and nutritional programs for any type of eaters and you can even get a twofer if you cook more and eat out less! Then there’s a myriad of group class workouts that include spin, yoga, HIIT and x-fit. Most gyms even offer classes with membership that you can try if you aren’t sure what your thing is yet. Want to ease into it? I have spent many an hour in my den working out to the tons of streaming options, thank you Jillian Michaels. You can also pick am online 30-day challenge to get yourself motivated. Nothing like getting an email to remind you to workout…there’s no escape!

While working out and losing weight are often linked, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Generally thriving in a healthier lifestyle can start small and be a great stress reliever or kick start a new hobby. Set your goal and share it with a friend. They may want to join you!

For me this year, I am repeating what I had intended to do in 2019. Moms Blog was my thing for myself and I didn’t thrive. I give a lot to my family, my work, my friendships and I didn’t want to be reliant on others to “fill my cup”, I wanted to carve out a little time for me. I truly love writing and joining Austin Moms was my way to get back into it. Like working out, writing is a great outlet. So, in 2020, I am dedicating time i.e. it is blocked on the calendar and I have asked the husband to support my “me time” and resolve to contribute regularly. Think of something that you miss doing, haven’t had time for or would like to learn. Then block the time, set a schedule, budget for it, and get going. I am going to ask that you keep me accountable in 2020 and look for more blog posts!

If you need an “accountabilibuddy” for 2020, tag me in or, simply share your resolution with this awesome network of moms here.

Rachel Montgomery
Born in New Hampshire and raised in Florida, Rachel got to Texas as quickly as she could. She has spent the last 20 years in this amazing city as a student, wife, mother, friend and professional. She met her husband, Jonathan, here in Austin and the two share all things Longhorns, as well as a love of football, traveling, and being amateur foodies. When not carpooling the social butterfly, Claire, or watching the world through the eyes of a toddler, Diana, you can find Rachel researching, planning, and booking their next travel adventure. She is an unapologetic Patriots fan and a firm believer in self-care; eat clean, train dirty, and never under estimate the power of a fresh mani/pedi.


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