Hey, hey! My name is Lindsay Herkert. I am relatively new to the great city of Austin, having moved from our hometown of San Diego two years ago. Passionate for adventure, I have had so much fun exploring everything this city has to offer with my three children; Declan (10), Lexi (8) and Nathan (5).

Prior to having children, I worked as a marketing director for a big company. I loved my job and the thought of quitting had never entered my mind. Until my first son was born.

Quite frankly, I was side-swiped by how much I loved being a mom.

Our original plan was to have one child and for me to continue my career. When Declan was born we made the surprising decision for me to quit and go all in with the mom gig. Which, included two more kids!

Because I wasn’t planning on being a stay at home mom, I felt this immense sense of gratitude that I was able to spend every day with my kids.

It became my daily mission to document everything: the good, the bad and everything in between. With this, my love of photography was born. The camera basically became an extension of myself. To say that I am passionate about it is an understatement. I started taking classes and my love of photography grew deeper as I became immersed in a community that inspired and lifted me up. In late 2013 I felt confident in my knowledge and ability to launch my business.

I love the way photography has taught me to see the word differently.  Even when I am not taking photos with my camera, I am taking them in my mind; looking for and analyzing light, framing subjects, and seeing the beauty and magic in the ordinary moments.

I also credit my love of photography for making me a fun mom. I am always searching out new adventures and experiences for my children, all in the name of a fun photograph!

When I don’t have a camera in my hand, you’ll find me running, doing yoga, listening to podcasts, watching photography tutorials (my new obsession is free-lensing) or baking (usually cookies). I am ecstatic to join the Austin Moms as a contributing photographer.

As a newbie to Austin, I often turned to this page as a resource. It helped this new city feel like home as we built our life here. I am honored to join such a dynamic group of women. Cheers to new adventures!


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