I’m really honored to be a contributing photographer for the Austin Mom’s! 

Cameras remind me of microscopes. There’s something so satisfying about seeing things up close and magnified. I always thought I was someone who was academically driven, but not creative, so becoming a photographer was definitely not something I ever saw myself doing. I’m originally from New Mexico, so I spent most of my weekends in the mountains riding horses or hiking in the foothills.

In a way, I believe the mountains gave me an appreciation of beauty and detail. I even got my first camera in order to take pictures of fall leaves.

K. Mari Photography

After getting my bachelors in Biology and Spanish from the University of New Mexico, I switched from pursuing medicine to conducting research in cellular biology and moved to west Philadelphia. This was when my husband and I started dating, even though we had grown up together and known each other since middle school. We were so young when we met that I even have memories of him throwing cereal at me. The first year of our marriage was tough- I had just started graduate school and was both working and studying full time. I started to realize that a career in research was going to cost a lot, and it made me see that maybe it wouldn’t give me the flexibility to be the mom that I wanted.

My husband’s job ended up moving us out to Austin and I decided to leave research and get certified as a Science teacher. 

After becoming a mom a few years ago, certain parts of me began to grow and others began to fade. I started to see what a blessing children and family were. I learned not to take them for granted. I also began to see how valuable high quality photos were, especially in a time where everyone’s pictures are on their phone. As I was growing up my parents didn’t have the budget for professional photos, so the first time I had quality photos taken of me was when I was a senior in high school.

I love every shoot I do because having photos taken is basically built in quality time: I have kids tickle and wrestle one another, and have couples kiss and recall their favorite memories together. 

My day to day life might look like: hugging and kissing my toddler most of the day, while simultaneously putting away all the toys that I’m constantly tripping on, playing board games for 3 hours with my husband on a Friday night, lifting weights at the gym, waddling around since we’re expecting baby #2, or getting together with other moms from my church. 


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