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“It’s really exciting to have a service like this as a first-time parent! There is a ton of information out there, but Bright By Text gives you simple, easy to use, and helpful information that has scientific backing. They’ve done the information sorting for you, and it’s a huge relief for parents.”
-Derek, expectant father and Bright By Text user

We know that parenting can be challenging. Bright By Text is here to help!

Bright by Text is a FREE texting service for caregivers of children from ages prenatal-8, promoting child development and access to local programs and events around the Austin metro area. Bright By Text messages are available in both English and Spanish. 

Here are some examples of recent texts from Bright By Text:

  • Free events to engage parents and children with multicultural understanding. Interactive reading, free books and refreshments! 1/18 @ Domain
  • Writing starts with scribbling! Try this game with your child to make drawing and writing fun.
    English link:
    Spanish link:
  • Mealtime Textures: What descriptive words can you use to describe a food that your child is eating? Is the banana mushy, squishy, slippery?
    English link:
    Spanish link:
  • Misbehavior usually happens for a reason. Understanding a child’s temperament will help you understand and prevent unwanted behavior.
    English link:
    Spanish link:
  • Water can be dangerous, especially for babies & children. Always take safety precautions when bathing your baby or child. Learn more here.
    English link:
    Spanish link:
  • For parents, a healthy approach to self-care does not mean adding more tasks to your family to-do list — it means firmly deciding what you will not do and setting boundaries. Fight that burnout!

Signing up for Bright By Text is quick and easy. Just text SMARTATX to 274448 or sign up here for tips, resources, and information about local events.

To learn more, contact Martina Santesteban at [email protected].

More testimonials from Bright By Text users:

“As a new parent, I often lacked confidence in my parenting skills or was ambivalent in which trends to follow. With the advice that Bright By Text brings, I know that I am providing my child with stimulating and fun activities. The tips and info given come from experts, which make it foolproof. I like the simple yet effective tasks that can be done on the go and with minimal materials. Because the biggest brain growth occurs in the first 3 years of a child’s life, this program is invaluable! The activities also provide excellent opportunities for bonding with the child for all caregivers involved. Thank you for creating such wonderful experiences.”
-Katya, mother and Bright By Text user 

“This is an excellent service! I especially love the fact that content is offered in Spanish, because it helps me to better connect with families like mine.”
-Maria, mother and Bright By Text user


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