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Shutter Bugs is holding it’s very first Spring Break camp this March. After 5 fantastic years of summer camps, they will be holding a week of photography, set building, scene lighting, painting and a smorgasbord of creative stimulation. With only 5 spots available, this week will be focused on painting stage flats, building out a set, constructing a scene and then learning how to light the scene with the campers as the models being photographed. We will also be doing an array of projects to keep the hands on photography flowing. Still life, field trips, photowalks, polaroids, portraits, double exposures, collage, macrophotography and various art related projects to learn the technique and craft of using a camera.

Shutter BugsEach camper will be able to bring their own ideas to the projects and collaborate with other campers on how the projects will look and turn out. The general thought of this camp and summer camps is to give constant hands on activity and make the camera a natural part of the art we create. The camp will be Monday through Friday, March 14 – 18th from 9-3. On Friday, we will have a small group show to display the amazing art and photography they worked on throughout the week.

Shutter Bugs History

Back in 2018, Jon Chamberlain attempted to find a photography class or camp for his son Charlie but was unsuccessful. As a passionate lifelong photographer himself, Jon understood the value of introducing photography at a young age and decided to start the first designated children’s photography school in Austin. Over the past 5 years, Shutter Bugs has taught hundreds of children the art of photography, garnering recognition along the way including a best of Austin award from the Austin Chronicle and KVUE news.

Shutter Bugs’ goal is for each student to mold the studio to their creativity. Kids will be exposed to stage flats, mannequins, strobe lights, backdrops, fun costumes, vintage props, tons of cameras and much more. Through multiple art and photography projects, kids will find a fun and expressive way to capture their imagination.  This allows Shutter Bugs to connect with each individual child, providing the perfect environment for a child’s imagination to run wild!

Spring break and summer camps are geared towards a free flowing process of collaboration and creativity that allows for the student to bring as much to the project as they can imagine.  Examples of past projects have included action photos, double exposures, manipulating objects into photoshopped scenarios, self and/or peer portraits, animal portraits, collage making, zines, calendars, field trips around Austin and photo walks. Last but not least, at the end of the camp week the students will curate their very own 15-20 piece photography show. This has consistently been one of the students favorite experiences as they get to proudly show to friends and family their displayed work and are able to elaborate on the creativity involved in the process. (Check out https://www.shutterbugsatx.com/gallery for more examples of what students have created.)

Private lessons and group classes are also offered and tailored to each student specifically whatever their experience.  Whether that is learning basics versus experienced lighting, digital editing or professional camera knowledge, Shutter Bugs will hone their skills. The learning curve at Shutter Bugs mostly depends on age but given enough time Jon believes any child at any age can learn photography. Shutter Bugs is really unlike anything else. If you’re looking for a camp or class that prioritizes a child’s creativity while teaching them an invaluable lifelong skill, you found it.

Shutter BugsSPRING BREAK CAMP 2022

March 14 – 18
Ages 10 through 14 welcome
9 am – 3 pm

Every day campers will discover new ways to see the world through a camera. They will learn photography through portraits, still life, painting backdrops, designing a set and exploring digital editing tools. Group photo show on the last day of camp. Join us for 5 days of pushing the boundaries of our imagination.





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