Looking for your kids’ Halloween costumes can be a fun and enjoyable tradition for several reasons! First of all it lets you and your little monsters tap into your festive spirits. Halloween is a holiday known for creativity and the celebration of imagination. When your kiddos get the opportunity to dress up in costumes they immediately get in the Halloween mood. Second, it’s all about creative expression! Choosing a costume lets kids express their creativity and imagination. They can be their favorite animated characters, mythical creatures and honestly anything they can dream up. Third, it teaches the individual social engagement and invaluable lesson that they can and will utilize for the rest of their lives.
Halloween often involves being invited to parties, parades and obvi, trick-or-treating. Wearing costumes helps kids engage with their peers in a shared, enjoyable activity.

Finally, you’re making memories that you and child will cherish FOR-EV-ERRR. Trick-or-treating creates lasting memories for kids and the whole family. Simply, it’s a way to bond and create a sense of togetherness during the holiday.

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The anticipation of choosing, trying on, and wearing a costume can be incredibly exciting for children. It adds an element of anticipation to Halloween! Buying the right costume can be overwhelming, stressful and sometimes hopeless for some busy mamas. I’ve created the ultimate shopping guide with the best Budget Friendly Places to Buy Kid’s Halloween Costumes in Austin!

Budget Friendly Places to Buy Kid’s Halloween Costumes in Austin

SparkleKids (4800 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756) Absolutely one of the best places in Austin to buy high quality, gently used clothing in the greater Austin area. For Halloween they have an entire section dedicated to JUST costumes. They have newborn-size 10 kids costumes. All of their pieces are carefully looked at and in impeccable condition. The prices are fair and reasonable! Bonus tip: call or go online to schedule a selling appointment with them to pay for the costume! Be that sustainable Hallowqueen you are.

Kid to Kid (14010 US-183 Hwy Suite #420, Austin, TX 78717) This is another excellent place to buy a costume especially if you’re a thrifty mama with a big family and need costumes for ALL the kiddos! It’s a one stop shop mama. They have racks & racks of Halloween costumes ranging in size from newborn to 10/12 kids AND MATERNITY! They also a separate clothing rack filled with Halloween themed clothing! Bonus tip: gather all your kiddos gently used clothing, shoes, toys & furniture to make a little coin to pay off those costumes immediately!

Toybrary (2001 Justin Ln, Austin, TX 78757) Need a costume but don’t want to buy one? I have the perfect place for you! Meet your little one’s new favorite toy shop. Toybrary is like a library but with toys! For only a small fee you can rent all your kids costumes here for the whole month! Get ‘em while you can! This is a popular spot for kiddos costumes! I’ve seen the selection first hand and it’s really good, high quality pieces.

Honorable mentions: Try 5 Below, Dollar Tree, and your local Goodwill for awesome (brand new in some cases) costumes, accessories and more.

Before I go…don’t forget to consider the size and fit (always try on!), safety (will the mask/costume be safe, can my kid breathe/see in it?) and of course weather conditions.

Rachel is a "momedian," get it?! ...she's a mom plus a comedian! She's a biracial mama both Hispanic and Caucasian, 50/50 with an extra helping of ADHD. She's an Air Force brat (and wife) born on a military base in the UK but has also lived in Shreveport, Louisiana, Monterey, California, San Angelo, Texas, Destin, Florida, Stafford,Virginia, Tokyo, Japan, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Springfield, Virginia, Alexandria, Virginia, Arlington Virginia, Silver Spring, Maryland, Santa Monica, California and now hangs her vintage hat collection in good ol' Austin Texas. She's an elder millennial in recovery for an eating disorder and body dysmorphia, committed to a lifetime of therapy because she wants to teach her two daughters to eat intuitively and love their bodies. Her favorite things about Austin include a Chuys burrito with ranchero sauce, thrifting, all the crafty coffee spots and the fact that she can get anywhere in less than 30 minutes driving. You can find her on Instagram @rachelnicolefrey



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