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Each phase of our lives has different moments. Past moments, present moments, and future moments. As parents, most of our time is spent with our loved ones. This time is filled with memorable moments that can quickly get forgotten or lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Special moments between siblings, your kid coming home with an “A” on their big art project, or being the lead in the school play, their first soccer goal. The list goes on. Beehive is the trusted companion app that’s tailor-made for parents.

Imagine this: You’re sitting on the couch on a Saturday afternoon. One eye is on the television while the other is on your two kids playing. You hear them laughing. Immediately, your attention turns to them. And you witness your two kids immersed in their own world laughing and enjoying each other’s company. You quickly grab your phone and take a picture.

The following week, you are feeling stressed out. You remember that moment from the weekend and want to relive it. You grab your phone and pull up your photo library. You begin to get frustrated having to dig for it among all the screenshots of outfits, songs, memes, recipes, workout classes, etc. Before long, you get sidetracked, the memory begins to fade, and you start to forget what exactly happened in that moment.

In this blog post, we discuss how Beehive can help capture and memorialize these moments so that you never miss one of them again. But more so than that, our mission is to give your household the ability to better relive the past, the tools to better understand and navigate the challenges of the present, and the insights to be better prepared for the future, all in one dedicated parenting app.

Too good to be true? Read on and find out!

The Past: Capturing family highlights that stay with you forever

As parents, we lead busy lives. However, amidst that chaos is when we experience those special moments with our kids and family. Our parents may have had to settle for clipping pictures into a paper calendar that really only captured one year at a time. Today, why not use technology to capture all of these highlights through time and have them stay with you forever? With Beehive, you can quickly memorialize these highlights with a date, description and even a photo! Learn more here.

The Present: How is my child doing & maximizing their potential

With the start of school, we are all curious how our kids are progressing. Are they on track? Simple question, but rarely do we get a simple answer, let alone a clear one at all. Often, it takes way too long to get to this answer either because it’s not easy to find or we have to wait until report cards or parent-teacher conferences. That needs to change. With Beehive, you can now get those answers from the palm of your hand. And once you have those answers, you can then supplement your child’s development with self-paced learning lessons that are personalized to their unique needs or interest. Or, maybe you just want some productive screen time for your child while you prepare dinner, do the laundry, or take a work call. Maximizing their potential in your moment of need without searching or waiting on third-party recommendations!

The Future: Stay organized and in sync.

Within our household, we’ve tried many different tools to help us stay organized. None seemed to work, and most recently we experimented with a paper calendar. How’s that going you ask? Well, it is still collecting dust on the kitchen counter. Now we use Beehive. Husband and wife can stay on the same page by using a shared login (for now…exciting new updates will be coming in the future on this front!). When either of you becomes aware of an upcoming event you just enter it into the “What’s Next” feature. Whether it’s upcoming assignments, tests, or projects for your kids, doctor appointments, or vet appointments for your pets (yes, you can add them to your hive too!), birthday parties, sports, date night, or anything in between. As the events pass they automatically move to your recent highlights giving you a running record that you can always go back to.

Beehive: The parenting management app for you!

With Beehive you now have a dedicated app to help manage your parenting life. This information stays with you forever and is always accessible. Even better, the more you use Beehive the smarter we become at providing real-time insights, reminders, and tips to transform your weekly chaos into harmony. Check it out today for free! Learn more HERE or download it today for iOS or Android.


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