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Get ready for a preschool cooking adventure that will leave you speechless! On November 11th, Alpha School is hosting “Little Chefs” where your kids will get cooking and show you just how limitless they are.Β 

At Alpha School, we create an environment where kids know no limits, where they’re encouraged to explore, learn, and amaze. Your little ones will step into the role of mini master chefs, creating gourmet Thanksgiving side dishes they can proudly cook again at home and share with loved ones.

Little Chefs is not just about cooking; it’s about nurturing confidence, creativity, and teamwork.Β 

By attending, you’ll witness your kids’ incredible talents firsthand and take home more than just delicious dishes – you’ll gain unforgettable memories, a deeper bond, and the knowledge that you’ve unlocked a new world of possibilities.

What’s in Store:

  • Hands-on Cooking: Your child will take the lead in crafting a delicious dish.
  • Fun Learning: They’ll learn valuable life skills while having fun.
  • Parent-Child Bonding: It’s not just a class; it’s an opportunity for quality time together.
  • Take-Home Gourmet Dish: They’ll leave with a gourmet Thanksgiving side dish to share with family and friends.

Join us on November 11th and prepare to be blown away. Don’t miss this opportunity to see your preschoolers tackle their dishes and to experience the magic that happens when we nurture their limitless abilities. Secure your spot at Alpha Schools Little Chefs by RSVPing today! For more details and registration, visit http://40051392.hs-sites.com/little-chefs.

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