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Since the beginning of my relationship with my now husband of almost 13 years, we’ve always always always loved the holidays and the magic behind going to pick out a Christmas Tree. I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure I ever really paid attention to the type of tree, but the joy of picking one out together, loading it up in our car, and setting it up in the house has always been the BEST way to kick off the holiday season. And North Carolina Fraser Firs are THE way to go!

We’ve learned a thing or two in the past decade+ about Christmas trees, namely how to keep ’em alive all season long; however, some things remain the same… the sheer joy the kids get out of hunting for and agreeing on a Christmas tree for our home! We are excited this year to shop for a North Carolina Fraser Fir!

The great thing about living in Austin, Texas and searching for the perfect tree is that you have so many options! From cutting down your own tree to heading to the side of the road with the dozens up Christmas tree pop up shops, there is no shortage of beautiful places to find a tree. And regardless of where you go OR your method, all of these trees are grown by farmers!

Here are some little known facts about the North Carolina Fraser Firs and why you need to get excited with these cooler temps, to start the search early this year!

  • Fraser firs have sturdy branches and can hold heavy ornaments and superior needle retention, meaning they can be harvested earlier, and the needles stay on longer, allowing for earlier harvest shipping and display.
  • North Carolina produces over 26% (26.7) of the real Christmas trees grown in the United States.
  • North Carolina Fraser fir trees represent over 94% (94.4) of all species grown in North Carolina, and over 25% (25.2) of all trees grown in the United States.
  • Fraser fir is native to the Southern Appalachian Mountains and has incomparable needle retention, pliable, yet strong branches for heavy ornaments, soft, pleasant-to-touch, dark green needles and a distinctive pleasant aroma that you’d never get from an artificial Christmas Trees.
  • In general, real Christmas trees are grown on family-owned farms that contribute to the economy of their counties, the State, and the Nation. Real Christmas trees are an agricultural crop, and they were planted for the purpose of being harvested. It takes as long as 12 years to grow a tree to an average retail height of 6-7 feet.
  • At least 20 square feet of greenspace is available to wildlife for each Christmas tree grown.
  • Zero: Amount of waste from a cut Christmas tree — a completely recyclable, renewable product.
  • Christmas is about traditions and memories and the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of that celebration.
  • Real Christmas Trees foster family traditions and create memories that last a lifetime.
  • Mention unique and warm traditions that you remember or are now creating as a mom.
  • It is important to know that North Carolina Fraser is native to the Appalachian mountains. The North Carolina Fraser fir Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas trees in North America and is shipped to every state in the U.S. as well as to the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, Japan, and other points all over the world.

So there you have it! The chances that we’ve been buying a North Carolina Fraser Fir ALL these years is super high! Happy hunting and have a great time creating memories of a lifetime!

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