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What if you could get your online returns picked up at your doorstep…and never miss out on a refund again? Meet the return hack you’ve been dreaming of. Introducing… ReturnQueen!

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Let’s face it, Mom life is hard, and returning your online packages by the return deadline doesn’t always happen. Like, ever. I mean how many times have you driven around with an Amazon return in your trunk just to realize you’ve missed the return date and lost out on your refund?

But the days of missed refunds are behind us. We’ve found a life-changing solution. Introducing ReturnQueen; a return service that picks up your returns from your doorstep, boxes them, labels them, and sends them back for you. It’s like a personal concierge for returns!

How does ReturnQueen work?

No muss, no fuss: returns done with a few taps on your phone. ReturnQueen takes care of literally everything. They pick up your items, box them, label them, and send them on their way. No more missing deadlines, wasting money or returns piling up in the trunk of the car! So much time and hassle saved.

ReturnQueen is as easy as downloading the free app, making an account, and syncing your Gmail and Amazon accounts.

All of your online purchases immediately appear on your account, making it so easy to view all of your items from all different stores. All of your online shopping is organized in one place, plus you can see your return deadlines! It’s that easy.

To start a return, all you have to do is pick which items to return, upload the shipping labels, and pick your preferred date and time for pick up. That’s it! Some of your labels even upload themselves! Once these are uploaded you schedule your return in the app, put your returns in a bag in front of your door before morning carpool duty and enjoy your refund.

Is it worth it?

A full year subscription can even be less than even one missed return! Plus, there’s a plan for every busy mom, with pay-per-pickup or subscription options to choose from. The service keeps you organized and can be done from your couch. It’s the perfect solution to missed refunds. Now it’s time to start holiday shopping…

Download the app!

Go to https://returnqueen.com for more details and download the ReturnQueen app!

Don’t forget to use ReturnQueen’s exclusive code for busy Moms in Austin to get a FREE full month of stress-free returns! Simply use the code AustinMoms at checkout. Happy returning!



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