Bellies are stuffed, now it’s time to fill those shopping bags. Here’s a quick guide of Black Friday Hours* in Austin.

*Hours may vary by location

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Before you head out, here are some Pro-Tips:

Do your homework

  • Preview deals – Most stores start enticing their buyers with their Black Friday preview guides one/two weeks prior to the sale. These guides are your key to doing your homework to understand who really has the best deals. PRO TIP: that 60 inch TV for $250 may sound like a great deal but in actuality there are only 8 at that price. These are typically the “limited inventory doorbusters”. Odds of you nabbing one are slim so perhaps focus on other items that are available in bigger quantities.
  • Leverage social media – Retailer’s Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram is a great method that flags deals and promotions. Some retailers reward their followers with extra incentives for following or liking various posts. You should also use these platforms to tag friends who may be looking for specific items on discount pricing as well. Sharing is caring!
  • Compare prices – Check prices across different retailers for the same item. Many will have variations in price or color, etc.

Be strategic

  • Online vs. in store shopping – Is your plan to shop online from your bed when the sales hit? Or do you plan to caffeine up with your PSL and hit the stores in person? Most probably dependent on what you plan to purchase, the times the sales will start and the actual physical location of the stores. If you plan to shop in store do yourself a favor and create the most convenient route.

Create your budget

  • Let’s be honest, this is the worst part of the shopping fun. The sight of a good deal can make your budget fly through the roof quickly if you are not careful. Stay on track and target your list before adding bonus items.

The Domain | 8am-9pm

Domain NORTHSIDE | 10am-9pm

The Arboretum | 10am-9pm

Barton Creek Mall | 6am-9pm

Lakeline Mall | 6am-9pm

Round Rock Premium Outlets | 6am-9pm

San Marcos Premium Outlets | 6am-9pm

Academy Sports & Outdoor


Bass Pro Shops


Barnes and Noble


Costco Black Friday 2023 Hours


Dick’s Sporting Goods


Half Price Books

Doors open at 10am-8pm

Home Depot

Open on Black Friday from 6am–10pm


Most locations open at 5am


Open 6am–9pm


Open 7am


Open 10am–9pm




Open at 6am


Open at 6am



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