If you’ve officially wrapped up the toddler season and don’t know what’s next, thing squishy characters, exploring and tech. We’ve got you covered with our Holiday Gift Guide: Little & Big Kids!

Holiday Gift Guide: Little Kids

Magic Adventures Microscope

This working microscope comes with double-sided “smart slides” that activate educational videos from the BBC and high quality photos on 17 different topics, BBC including plants, animals and minerals. It also allows kids to prepare their own slides like a traditional microscope, or examine larger objects on a tray.

Squishmallow Ultrasoft Plush Toy

Squishmallows are all the rage with kids across the globe building their plush collections one animal at a time. This adorable brown otter will make a much-loved addition to their bed, whether it’s their first squishmallow or one of many. 

Crackle Clay Kit

This clay can be molded and glazed, then cracked in a “so satisfying” way that creates a new sensory experience. It’s like play-doh mixed with ASMR.

Crazy Forts

It’s blanket forts like you’ve never seen them before! Instead of draping sheets over your floppy couch cushions, use these rods and connectors, which let families build more intricate structures. This version glows in the dark! Note: you need to supply your own sheets.

Let Loose Moose Hover Soccer Ball

It’s no secret that kids love to bring in their outdoor play inside, sometimes much to the dismay of their parents. The Let Loose Moose Hover Soccer Ball solves the problem of dangerous indoor play once and for all by ensuring the “ball” in question stays safely on the floor and away from delicate vases. Made from foam, the hover soccer ball’s soft edges protect your furniture, pets, and toes, and simply glides above hard floors or shorter carpets when kicked. Adding to the fun, it also has flashing LED lights for a fun game in the dark too. 

Light-Up Tracing Pad

The kit comes with more than 100 traceable images that kids can mix and match to make their own designs, and the backlight makes tracings easy to see no matter the setting. It comes with a graphite pencil, 12 colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets and 10 blank sheets.

Got2Glow Fairy Finder

Open this magical jar, and fairies can’t wait to fly in! There are more than 30 fairies to discover, and they can even be “traded” between friends. Kids can feed the fairies and play games with them, and testers loved hunting for tricks like holding the jar upended to catch an upside-down fairy.

Barbie Dreamhouse

With Barbie as popular as ever, this updated Dreamhouse is the ultimate gift for Barbie fans. Between pool parties and sleepovers, they’ll have hours of fun!

Magic Adventures Globe

This educational game is super interactive and can educate your child about continents, countries, capitals, flags, cultures, languages, currencies, landmarks, geology and animals. The globe features more than 600 educational videos by BBC to put your kiddos knowledge to the test.

Monster Trucks Race & Go Playset

This set really maximizes what kids love most about cars — the crashing! The first vehicle that makes it down the hill triggers the track to fail, sending the other cars flying! It also comes with a Hot Wheels car and a monster truck.

KidiZoom Creator Cam

Let your child show-off, share what they know, and be the next big star with this VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam. It features HD recording, flip-up lens for self-recording, a 2.4″ screen and even a wrist strap.


Holiday Gift Guide: Big Kids

Real Cooking Chocolate Pen

Create your art and eat it too! The Real Cooking Chocolate Pen gives anyone the creative freedom of a 3D printing pen to create freehand illustrations and lettering with chocolate, perfect for decorating cookies and cakes. You could even make candy creations with the 40 character molds provided. It’s easy to use; warm up the chocolate in the provided tray, fill up the pen with one of the four colors, and start using the pen to make a new creation. Combining baking, art, and technology, children love using this innovative pen, and the best part is they get to eat their tasty creations afterwards.

Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game

With over 200 challenges to get stuck into, it’s the perfect companion to take on road trips, long flights, or even trains. The colorful marbles come in the little case that also serves as the playing board, and when you’re done, the case snaps securely shut keeping the marbles safe inside.

Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Get the kids started on learning to code at an early age with this awesome robot. Artie 3000 will draw whatever kids program, which is a creative and fun way to learn and practice a key STEM skill.

Micro Maxi

Scooters are always a popular gift, but if you’re not sure which one to buy, we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the best scooter. Our kid testers all agree that the Micro Maxi is the perfect scooter for first-time riders. Not only is it easy to use and super fun to ride, it has awesome light-up wheels.

BrainBolt Genius

This one gives kids’ minds and fingers a workout! Colored lights flash in a pattern, and then players are challenged to repeat it.

Ultimate Volcano Kit

Includes everything you need to build a volcano, paint it, and make it erupt; the improved mold, brush, and paints make it easier than ever to create a show-stopping volcano.

Tamagotchi Uni

Kids can raise their one-of-a-kind UniTama, play new games and even connect with other devices to go on playdates, exchange gifts or even get married.

Gravity Maze Marble Run

Another cool STEM adventure, this logic game includes 60 challenges that allow kids to flex their critical thinking skills.

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket

Head outside and start stomping! This kid-powered toy is simple and super fun. The set comes with a stomp launcher and four foam-topped rockets. Great for year-round fun, these rockets will get kids outside.

Mini Instant Camera

Your big kiddo is developing an artistic eye and may want to capture special moments and friends. Satisfy your photographer-in-training with this retro-inspired instant camera from FujiFilm.

Furby Interactive Plush Toy

Adults may remember Furby from its first introduction in 1998. The robotic toy has received a number of updates since then, revealing the latest innovation from the innovative furry friend. The new Furby has over 600 reactions, from answering your questions to singing songs and dancing. You can even place two Furbys next to each other and watch them interact in both English and “Furbish.”

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