Love and marriage is ever evolving. For whatever season your relationship is in, marriage counseling can give you much needed support. No relationship is “perfect” and there is no shame in the counseling game. Austin Moms has compiled a list of trusted, highly sought-after marriage counseling providers in Austin (divided into categories) to help your relationship thrive.

Austin Relational Wellness | 2499 S Capital Of Texas Hwy | (512) 909-2535

Austin Relational Wellness is a counseling and therapy group that provides couples therapy, marriage counseling, and adult individual therapy both in person and online. Our Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists specialize in couples counseling for communication, conflict management, infidelity, disconnection, and more. Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities such as Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and sex therapy. Contact us to set up a free phone consultation today!

Couples Counseling

Austin Mindfulness Center | 9501 N. Capital of Texas Hwy | (512) 578-8070

Services: ​Communication issues, Intimacy problems , Infidelity, Infertility, Parenting issues, Finances, Unsolvable conflict, Past trauma, Physical or emotional abuse

RCC Austin | 4131 SPICEWOOD SPRINGS ROAD | 512-270-4883

Services: Premarital couples therapy, infidelity services

ThriveWorks | 10816 Crown Colony Dr | (512) 601-5856

Services: Couples, infidelity, blended family, premarital therapy

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy | Multiple Locations | (512) 956-6463

Services: Therapists can help couples who are experiencing Divorce or separation, Infidelity or loss of trust, Affair recovery, Frequent disagreements or arguments, Loss of sexual satisfaction and emotional intimacy, Blending families, Cultural or religious differences, Family grief and loss (e.g., death of a child or parent) and more

Austin Strong Relationship Building Center | 1714 Fortview Rd. | (512) 887-8036

Services: Skilled in helping couples learn new ways to Minimize Conflict, Improve Communication, Rebuild Trust , Increase Connection, Regain Passion, Increase Sexual Intimacy, Co-Parent,  Navigate Life’s Transitions, Reunify as a Family after a Separation, Recover from an Affair/Relational Trauma and more

Couples Counseling South Austin | 4009 Banister Lane | (512) 557-0944

Services: Helping couples who want to learn how to make requests rather than complaints, have a hard time repairing and want to learn how to speak and respond with love and clarity, feel stuck in a vicious circle and keep fighting about the same things, would benefit from learning how to set healthy boundaries with themselves and with others, want to cultivate trust, open communication, and transformative change

Austin Family Institute | 4407 BEE CAVE RD | 512-329-6611

Services: We are couple and family therapists trained to understand behavioral and mental health challenges are also relational challenges. We are specifically trained in the steps required to help marriages and relationships recover from high-conflict, abusive relationships, and couples thinking about divorce.

Westlake Couples Counseling | 3660 Stoneridge Rd | (512) 743-3622

Services: Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)

Neema Counseling | 2717 Rio Grande Street | (512) 669-5701

Services: If you’ve noticed rifts in your relationship, you may be wondering if it’s time to talk to someone as a couple. The following are some common warning signs that a relationship is entering rough territory, and couple’s counseling might be an especially good idea: Loss of trust, Communication breakdowns, Repetition and/or escalation of conflicts, Disagreements over the future of the relationship or family, Reduced sexual activity or desire

Male Provider

Michael Thompson | 6211 Parkwood Dr. & 8332 Mesa Dr. | (512) 489-0314

Services: Individual, couples, and family therapy focusing on family wellness, Single/Single Again, Unexpected Life Changes, and Quality of Life – including personal health, elder care, divorce care

Pierce Green | 3300 Laguna Drive | (512) 675-6849

Services: Relationship coaching with expertise in anger management, anxiety, family conflict, grief, self-esteem and offers a weekly Men’s Relationship Skills Group.

Bruno G Lepore | 4131 Spicewood Springs | (512) 740-9975

Services: Couples counseling and marriage therapy, premarital counseling, preventive couples counseling, infidelity and affair recovery

Mathis Kennington | 2111 Dickson Drive | (512) 329-5540

Services: Specializes in results-only coaching for couples, men and executives.

Paul Larussi | 141 Lookout Circle Hutto | (512) 795-4088

Services: Couples and marriage therapy uncovering relationship patterns (both healthy and unhealthy), each spouse’s intentions, new possibilities, consequences of your words and actions and more.

Dante Saldana | Spicewood Springs & Westlake | (512) 843-7665

Services: For adults, teens and couples specializing in relationship stress, trauma, life changes, anxiety and depression.

Daniel Brake | 3724 Jefferson St | (512) 665-3499

Services: Gottman Method couples counseling, individual psychotherapy, clinical supervision

James Shaw | Austin, Cedar Park, Leander and Lago Vista | (512) 800-0222

Services: Marital counseling focusing on communication, conflict management, developing acceptance, appreciation and consistency, overcoming past issues, pre-marital counseling, regaining lost love, and relationship enhancement.

Dean M Janeff | Teletherapy in Texas and Rhode Island| (512) 333-4820

Services: Specializing in grief counseling and childhood trauma therapy.

Jose de Jesus Garcia Cuellar | Remote Sessions | (512) 766-3644

Services: Couples counseling focusing on intimacy and romance, effective couple communication, healing from infidelity, trust building and divorce process or discernment counseling

Female Provider

Gloria Hatfield | 5758 Balcones Drive | (512) 766-4153

Services: Couples and family therapy maneuvering through unknown waters by reframing interactions and helping focus on solutions and things all parties can change.

Kristen Brunner |2111 Dickson Drive | (512) 923-3713 

Services: Couples sessions exploring relationship issues, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, reproductive, perinatal and maternal mental health, fertility and pregnancy concerns, postpartum anxiety and depression, trauma and addiction issues.

Brock Therapy | 507 Denali Pass Cedar Park | (512) 364-8548

Services: Marriage counseling in-office as well as two options for couples looking for deeper levels of healing and intimacy at weekend retreats.

Jessica Worthington | Telehealth | (512) 537-5977

Services: Couples therapy for couples in crisis, thinking about divorce, sex therapy and concierge programs.

Wendy Copeland | Virtual | (512) 649-1049 

Services: Certified in MAP, Seeking Safety, Wrap-Around, TFCBT. Offering psychodynamic, Bowenian, strategic, emotionally-focused, narrative, and CBT theories.  Extensive Experience with the Intuitive Eating Model, and has years of leading group therapy, complicated family systems, and couples work: EFT, restoration model, marital/sex therapy. 

Dana Doerksen | 5900 SW Pkwy | (512) 686-2590

Services: Couples counseling with expertise in addiction, trauma and PTSD, domestic abuse, family conflict, and sex therapy.

Julianne Shore | 4009 Banister Ln | (512) 653-0564

Services: Interpersonal Neurobiology, Relational Life Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Emotional Transformation Therapy, Coherence Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Sand Tray

Sheila Murphy | Burnet & 45th | (512) 796-4929

Services: Relational Life Therapy (RLT), The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO), Psychobiological Approach Couple Therapy (PACT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Becca McConnell | 4207 HWY 290 Dripping Springs |[email protected]

Services: Couples and marriage counseling, premarital counseling, dating coaching

Amy Lombardi | 12871 Research Blvd | (512) 695-4586

Services: Couples counseling and intensive therapy addressing the deepest underlying issues.


The Austin Stone Counseling Center | Multiple Locations | (512) 961-5575

Services: To help dating, engaged, or married couples’ relationships flourish, we provide gospel-centered counseling that focuses on building a strong foundation, fostering intentional communication, and redeeming relational brokenness.

Nathan Reeder | 4009 Banister Ln | (512) 777-0059

Services: Couples counseling addressing difficulties with communication, financial disagreements, differences regarding child rearing, sexual concerns or lack of intimacy and emotional or physical affairs

Don M Read | Virtual | (512) 496-3482

Services: As a Pastor and Counselor, Don will walk with you as you resolve the conflicts that have led to the loss of communication and intimacy. There are answers, solutions and the love you once enjoyed can be rediscovered.

Christian Counseling Austin | 5000 Bee Caves Road | (512) 200-3880

Services: Faith-based therapy and infidelity counseling helping to learn better communication skills, how to navigate issues with your spouse’s family, how to regulate negative emotions and resolve conflict, come to an agreement on raising children, address financial issues and more.

Gene Kummerer | 4425 S Mopac Expressway | (512) 897-4787

Services: Using techniques drawn from empirically validated Emotion Focused Therapy filtered through Biblical truth I will endeavor to help you reconnect with your spouse to recover your early love and tap into what originally made your love so exciting and satisfying.  Walking through forgiveness, learning to turn toward each other, listening to each other’s hearts, breaking bad habits of self-protectiveness and criticism, together we will seek to recover the joy of a secure attachment to your spouse.  You can build a marriage that is an emotional and spiritual “safe haven.”

True Change Counseling | Carrie Austin | Leander | (512) 271-2148

Services: Relationship Issues, Marital and Premarital, Spirituality with expertise in anxiety, codependency, depression, Family Conflict, Grief, Infidelity, Life Transitions, Mood Disorders, Parenting, Self Esteem, Stress, Trauma and PTSD and Women’s Issues.

Leslie Harper | 3109 WEST SLAUGHTER LANE | (830) 990-9536

Services: Services include traditional talk therapy sessions for individuals, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (A.R.T.) sessions, and Small groups focused on learning to tell your story more fully with yourself and others. One avenue to growing vulnerability and trust in relationships is with a Confessional Community experience. If you are interested in a small group for processing your Story, please contact for latest offerings.

North Texas Christian Counseling | 6021 Morriss Road | (469) 635-2200

Services: Biblical counseling for dependence, love, enablement, transformation, power and solution

De Jesus Christian Counseling |78734 | (512) 356-9556

Services: Temperament therapy for marriage and families, pre-martial counseling

Couples Christian Counseling | 11701 Bee Cave Road | (512) 596-2929

Services: Marriage Issues Addressed include Anger and resentment, Lack of emotional intimacy, Poor communication, Decrease in affection and sexual fulfillment, Financial disagreements, Parenting conflicts, Coping with infidelity, Grief or loss of a loved one, Destructive habits and addictions

Churches That Offer Counseling

Austin Oaks Church | 4220 Monterey Oaks Blvd | (512) 891-1600

Life Family Church | 8901 W. Highway 71 | (512) 220-6383

Austin Ridge Bible Church | Multiple Locations | (512) 263-7701

Bethany United Methodist Church | 10010 Anderson Mill Rd. | 512-257-0050

Hill Country Bible Church | 12124 Ranch Road 620 N | [email protected]

Red Rocks Church | 7625 N INTERSTATE 35 | [email protected]

Mosaic Church | 12675 Research Blvd | (512) 537 0027

Saint Catherine of Sienna | 4800 Convict Hill Rd | (512)892-2420

Greater Mt. Zion Church | 4301 Tannehill Lane | (512) 478-7578

Diocese of Austin | 6225 E US 290 HWY | (512) 949-2400

Saint Thomas More Catholic Church | 10205 N FM 620 | (512) 258-1161

Intimacy Counseling

Enhancing Intimacy | 4131 Spicewood Springs Road | (512) 994-2588

Dove + Wolf | 910 WEST AVE | (512) 655-9336

Tiffany Stanley | 500 Grace Lane | (512) 585-4098

Austin Intimate Matters | Submission form HERE

Pathway to Pleasure Collective | 1004 MOPAC CIRCLE | Submission form HERE

Texas Intimacy Solutions | Schedule HERE

Respark | [email protected]

Jamilynn Bula | 4009 Banister Lane | Contact HERE

Calm n Healing | 6001 W. Parmer Ln. | (775) 583-5816

Austin Concierge Therapy | 6507 JESTER BLVD | (512) 888-1011

Family Counseling

The Timothy Center | Multiple Locations | (512) 331-2700 

Services: The Timothy Center offers a range of family therapy services to support families in overcoming their challenges and improving their relationships. Our services include individual and group therapy

Austin Family Counseling | 5000 Bee Caves Rd | (512) 298-3381

Services: Counseling for children, teens, young adults, individuals and familie

RCC Austin | 4131 SPICEWOOD SPRINGS ROAD | 512-270-4883

Services: Family therapy for ADULTS only

Austin Child Guidance | 810 W. 45th Street Austin | (512) 451-2242

Services: At ACGC, we use a family systems model which views the child within the context of his or her family system where each member has a role and influence on every other member. Our therapists work with each family to determine your goals and a develop a treatment plan. Your therapist will help you and your family identify your desired changes, ways to achieve those changes, and a set a suggested time frame for achievement.

Austin Family Care | 9430 Research Blvd.| (512) 919-4135

Services: We view therapy like going to see a family physician. nearly everyone can benefit when partnering with a skilled and compassionate clinician. families often foster the closest attachments and have the potential for the most hurt. every voice and perspective is valuable in family therapy no matter the culture or age.

Austin Family Institute | 4407 BEE CAVE RD | (512) 329-6611

Services: Addressing challenges such as, Communication challenges, Teenagers in trouble, Aging, Substance abuse, Mental illness, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship strain, Parenting, PTSD, Blended family challenges, Adult children at home, Adult sibling relationships, Couple and marital stress, Trauma, Grief and loss

Austin Family Therapist | 4131 SPICEWOOD SPRINGS ROAD| (512) 856-5286

Services: Stressful events for young children include difficult divorces and sudden changes in custody, separations from loved ones, bullying, child abuse, sexual abuse and neglect, loss and mourning, exposure to a natural and man-made disasters, domestic violence, community violence and car accidents.

Austin Counseling Specialists | Request an Appointment HERE

Dr. Monday | 1101 S Capital of Texas Hwy | (512) 330-1757

Services: Family counseling can resolve multigenerational tension and pave the road to mutual understanding and healthy communication. This is called transgenerational therapy, and it involves parents, siblings and any other family members that need relationship repair – all in the same room! If this sounds scary, lay your worries to rest. You will all learn communication skills that allow each to feel heard and understood. Generational behavior patterns are discussed and analyzed, yet no one is blamed. You are all part of the problem and will also be part of the solution.

Nurture Family Counseling | 201 South Lakeline Blvd. | (512) 477-5445

Services: Family, pre-teen and adolescents, children play-therapy


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