Alex Mosley

Alex believes that celebrating is a lifestyle and stands for a world where growth and health are the highest currency. Originally from the Dallas area, she happily moved back to Texas in December 2019 with her husband, Clay, after a four year stint in northern California. Since then, they've birthed three businesses and a baby, Georgia (3 months). As an upper cervical chiropractor, Alex owns and practices at The Specific Chiropractic Centers of Austin. Along with her husband, she is also part owner in a local CBD shop and digital media company. She is a personality test junky, loves keepin' it real and co-hosting her health podcast "You Crack Me Up". Her favorite ways to de-stress are having a quick dance party, watching cookie decorating videos on Instagram, or anything on HGTV. The way to her heart is through deep conversation over bottomless coffee.

Baby Sleep Day is the New Valentine’s Day

You know what's funny about Baby Sleep Day? I had to look up what it was. Maybe that's because the biggest thing new parents have in common can be summed up with the question, "Sleep? What's...

Caring for a Barnacle Baby

If you're like me, you only know the term barnacle baby if you actually have one. And that's because you had to figure out what the heck you just created. They are one-of-a-kind, sensitive,...

I Want My Mommy (Still)

Ever since I was little, I've heard my mom say..."You just wait. You're going to have one of you one day, and then you'll understand!" Usually this statement followed an event where I was...

Meet Alex Mosley | Austin Moms Contributor 2022

Hiiii, I'm Alex Mosley. Many call me "Dr. Alex'' and only one calls me “Babe”. I'm still waiting to be called "Mama" since my three-month-old, Georgia, can't talk to me in English yet. I’m...