Hiiii, I’m Alex Mosley. Many call me “Dr. Alex” and only one calls me “Babe”. I’m still waiting to be called “Mama” since my three-month-old, Georgia, can’t talk to me in English yet. I’m beyond excited to join the Austin Moms team as a contributor!

Alex Mosley, husband and daughter, Georgia.

A little about me:I am a personality test junky and love bottomless coffee, deep conversation, fantasy novels, my cat (Carol), watching cookie decorating videos on Instagram, co-hosting my health podcast, and time-period shows. I am still trying to like being a morning person and exercising regularly. I will never like small talk or Texas in August. I am the oldest of three kids, born on a Friday the 13th in July. In response, my dad proclaimed Friday the 13th a GOOD luck day. Almost 32 years later, we all still wish each other “Happy Friday the 13th!!!” in our family group text like it’s some kind of holiday. 

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Alex Mosley and family.

I grew up in Arlington, Texas, learning how to celebrate the small things.
In fact, my parents taught me how to live celebration as a lifestyle. I know this “About Me” article is about me, but I can’t tell you about me without telling you my origin story. I grew up in a family where love and trust was never in short supply. Where my siblings are my best friends. Picture the stereotypical family sitting around the dinner table eating a casserole, going ’round one by one to share what good and bad happened in their day. I love these memories. I remember my sister went through a phase where she stopped chewing her food. She would, quite literally, swallow giant bites of spaghetti whole. She also thought everything was chicken. I remember helping my brother learn how to say his “R’s”. His name is Tanner, and while it was cute that he pronounced his name “Tann-uh”, my dad would say “TannERRRRR!” Then we’d all go around the table saying “TannERRRR!”, and my sweet brother would say “TannUHHHH!”. And we’d laugh. He’d laugh. Eventually, he figured it out and grew up to get a linguistics minor at the University of Texas. Go figure.

A big reason for my parents’ intentionality in raising us is because they both come from very broken homes, each with their own heartbreaking traumatic experiences. As 5th generation Texans, my parents are also two of the most hard working people I know, and one of the biggest contributing reasons I hold the title of “doctor”.  

Long story short…
I went to Baylor University for my undergrad (KKG and Class of 2012), but actually spent much of my time driving an hour and a half south to play in Austin. Baylor introduced me to my passion for holistic healthcare, and after I graduated, I moved to Dallas where I was accepted into the Doctor of Chiropractic program at Parker University. As a kid who always felt on the fringe, it was there that I met my people. You know those humans that just “get” you? I had found them. Four more years later, I earned the name “Dr. Alex”. I graduated and moved to northern California where I associated under my mentors for another four years. I practice a specialty called
Upper Cervical Specific, which is really just a fancy way of saying I work with only the top two bones in the neck because of their relationship with the central nervous system. It took advanced learning and training for me to be able to open up my own practice in Austin as part of a larger franchise, The Specific Chiropractic Centers.

Before finally making it to Austin,
I married the love of my life, Clay, and earned the title “Babe”.
We eloped at San Francisco City Hall on 12/3/19, without a soul knowing except for our witness: the photographer we hired to capture the moment. We planned to have a big family-oriented ceremony a year later, but alas, 2020 happened and we all know how that went.

My baby girl was born at 4:22am on 12/27/21 while I was kneeling on the floor of my bedroom.
It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, I promise. I totally planned to have Georgia naturally at home, and her birth story is one of the most treasured experiences I will ever have in my life. Earning the title “Mama” has been an adventure; absolute joy but also not at the same time. I believe that’s what they call Motherhood, yeah?

When I’m not practicing in my clinic,
you’ll find me wearing my daughter in a ring sling around Town Lake, with my family at our beloved church, or enjoying tacos and brunch around Austin.

Alex believes that celebrating is a lifestyle and stands for a world where growth and health are the highest currency. Originally from the Dallas area, she happily moved back to Texas in December 2019 with her husband, Clay, after a four year stint in northern California. Since then, they've birthed three businesses and a baby, Georgia (3 months). As an upper cervical chiropractor, Alex owns and practices at The Specific Chiropractic Centers of Austin. Along with her husband, she is also part owner in a local CBD shop and digital media company. She is a personality test junky, loves keepin' it real and co-hosting her health podcast "You Crack Me Up". Her favorite ways to de-stress are having a quick dance party, watching cookie decorating videos on Instagram, or anything on HGTV. The way to her heart is through deep conversation over bottomless coffee.


  1. Dr. Alex is definitely in my top 10 of easiest to talk to, friendliest and most down to earth people I’ve ever met. Her upper cervical work changed mine and my family’s lives (and we drove 8 hours round trip to visit her at least once a week in the beginning) and watching her continually grow and be so open with her life is always so inspiring. Great article Alex! Looking forward to reading every single one you write!


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