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Austin Moms Blog | Three Toddler Approved Non-Traditional Ways to Decorate

3 Non-Traditional (Toddler Approved!) Ways to Decorate for Christmas!

So, my destructive curious toddler has made decorating for the holidays challenging.  Any of you in the same predicament?  I have tubs and tubs of beautiful decorations, and years of sentimental ornaments nestled safely...

3 Steps to a Great Thanksgiving – Menu Included!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and if you're anything like me, you are STOKED for the yummy meal!  I love Thanksgiving food, and even though I could cook it anytime, I am usually...

Benefits of Music Exposure: Prenatal

Some of my earliest memories revolve around music. I remember sitting on my living room floor, surrounded by records (yes, I’m that old!) and asking my dad to please put on The Go-Go’s album. Again. I...

Worth It Wednesday: Chatbooks

So, how many of you are guilty of taking tons of photographs of your children, editing in Instagram, sharing with the world....but never printing of a copy?  I am SO BAD AT THIS!  My...

Join the Austin Moms Blog Team As We Race for the Cure!

1 in 8 women will have to fight breast cancer in her lifetime. I will never forget the day that I found out my grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I fell apart....

OneDay I Will Want to Look Back on This Birthday

We recently celebrated Hudson's 8th birthday.  It was a bittersweet birthday (well, honestly, aren't they all?!) as 8 really seems like a big kid to me.  I'm not quite ready for my guy to...

5 Reasons Your Husband SHOULD Get A Vasectomy

My husband and I decided that two kids was the magic number for our family.  We have two beautiful, happy and healthy little boys that we adore, and feel like our family is complete. ...

Creative Consequences: Parenting WIN.

If you're anything like me, you need to dish out a redirection or consequence at least a hundred times once a day.  My kids are 2 and 7 (almost 8!), and we have a...

5 Quick & Cute Mom ‘do’s

As the temperatures are pretty much always on the higher side in ATX, I am always desperate for an easy, cool hair-do to get my hair off of my neck.  With naturally curly (read:...

Worth It Wednesday: NatyCare Disposable Diapers

First of all, I need to tell you that I have been a "Pampers Girl" forever.  When I worked at a daycare, when I was a nanny, for my first child, and the first...