Spooky But Kid-Friendly Movies For Friday The 13th

Spooky But Kid-Friendly Movies For Friday the 13th Spilling salt. Picking up a penny on tails. Walking under a ladder. Breaking a mirror. Opening an umbrella inside the house. Having a black cat cross your path. Friday the 13th. Although most people...

My Daughter Is An Entrepreneur…And It Scares Me (Yay For Lemonade Stands!)

My Daughter Is An Entrepreneur... And It Scares Me (Yay For Lemonade Stands!)   All of my life, I’ve craved stability. When I started thinking about career options at seventeen, I looked toward teaching and accounting....

Summer Activities to Do Around the House

There are so many wonderful things about summer: lounging around the pool, popping the top off a cold drink, eating ice cream until your brain freezes, visiting with friends and family, and taking evening...

Fun Friday Field Trips Around Austin

Abandoned backpacks, rising temperatures, and the endless chorus of Mom, I'm bored. Soon it will be summertime in Central Texas. We are so fortunate to live in a city with so much to see...

Memorial Day Weekend Staycation Ideas

In the spirit of the holiday, Memorial Day weekend is a time to enjoy our family and friends and celebrate our beautiful country. What better way to enjoy the Land of the Free and...

The ABCs and 123s of Kindergarten

Whether you’re a #KinderMom newbie or veteran, here are 20 Kindergarten tips to establish a sparkling start to your child’s first year of school: Teach your child to verbalize needs. Understanding our kids’ needs...

Taking on a No Spend Month

At the end of February, I was looking over our miscellaneous spending and noticed two trends: (1) we eat out too much and (2) we visit the convenience store wayyyyy too often. Seriously, my husband...
mental workload of motherhood

The Thoughts We Think, The Things We Do: The Mental Workload Of Motherhood

It’s 3 o'clock in the morning. I’m awake because of an anxiety-induced nightmare. Hopefully, I’ll fall back to sleep. Most likely, though, I will not. I’ll spend the next few hours obsessing over things...
Erin Maness

Meet Erin Maness

Erin Maness The Beginning I was born in Metairie, a city just outside of New Orleans, but I grew up in suburban Atlanta. Besides a quick stint as a first-grade juvenile delinquent (I threw a rock...