Hannah Haro

Hannah Haro
Hannah Haro, PT, DPT is a physical therapist, wife to Daniel and mom to Mina (2018). She was born and raised in a small northern Michigan town, is bilingual, helps run a soccer clinic for kids with disabilities, is a Christian, and a partner at the Austin Stone Community Church. Though Hannah currently works as a PT in a pro bono clinic at University of St Augustine, she has previously worked as a babysitter, downhill ski instructor, math teacher, barista, and health coach. She likes to say she is in the business of rehabilitation: of people, as a PT; and of homes, as she and her husband are now on renovations for house #4 in as many years. She also loves coffee and anything chocolate, enjoying the green spaces of Austin, and a really good sci fi/fantasy novel while curled under a blanket.

Drink More Water!

June 23rd was National Hydration Day! "Do you drink enough water?" This is a question I ask every patient during a new patient evaluation in my job as a physical therapist. The responses usually fall into...

Why I Love Our Small Family

Why I Love Our Small Family: Our extended family isn't nearby, but that's okay. Here's why: I grew up in small town northern Michigan, where it seemed like we were either related to, or close...

What is an Occupational Therapist?

April was National Occupational Therapy (OT) month. As a mom, it was too hard to get this post out in time to celebrate during the month of April... but we can celebrate our OT...

Moms Guide to (Naturally) Inducing Labor: Helpful Tips

Early in pregnancy I decided I wanted to attempt natural/unmedicated labor and birth. As a physical therapist, I'm well aware of the complications that can occur with an epidural; I knew I did not...

Best Tacos In Austin

Now, there are our go-to taco places, like Torchy's Tacos (if you haven't checked out their secret menu, you're doing yourself a disservice), Papalote, and for breakfast tacos, Taco Deli, but we chose to...

I’m a Hugger: Hugs Are Incredible For Your Health

I’m a Hugger: Hugs Are Incredible For Your Health Growing up, I had terrible test anxiety. If I'm honest, I still get it. I got a form of it the night before I returned to...

I Want To Be A SAHM And A Working Mom

I Want To Be A SAHM And A Working Mom I am a working mom.  Granted, I’ve only been a mom for like, 2 seconds (okay, 3 months today). And to be honest, I’ve only been...

A Sweet Tooth’s Guide To Baked Goods In Austin

A Sweet Tooth's Guide To Baked Goods In Austin In a city filled with restaurants, food trucks, breweries and cafes, it can be difficult to know where to begin when you’re looking for the best...

Meet Hannah Haro

Meet Hannah Haro Hey guys! (That's a midwestern "guys", not guys as in men... although I have learned to use y'all, I'm still a little partial to my native tongue.)  I'm Hannah Haro, Doctor of physical...