Julie May

Julie May
Julie May is a native Texan transplanted to the ole' ATX, for her love of all things hill country goodness. Fueled by great music and good coffee, she is often found- family in tow- exploring some new, hidden, hill-country gem. Married to her high school sweetheart; mama to four, "Crazy Mays"; small business owner; professional in play and absolutely a doer of allll the things. Unapologetically, she lives a loud and colorful life.

Our Girl Scouts Story

Girl Scouts of America prides itself in adapting and supporting the abilities of all girls. New friends, virtual and in-person, participate together in a curriculum that is guided by the Girl Scout council with...

A New Kind of Bullying That You Couldn’t Fathom Exists

They've been piling up in my inbox for a while now. Quite honestly, with four children, in all three branches of our feeder pattern, I knew it was only a matter of time. Another...
Amplify Austin

I Live Here I Give Here – Amplify Austin 2021

Like so many other “Austinites”, my husband and I transplanted here with our tiny-sized family in hopes of capturing some of that hill country goodness in an exchange for “big city” living. Traffic and...
Teens Pandemic

Raising Teens Amidst a Pandemic

Earlier in the pandemic, I found myself numbly scrolling through my Facebook feed pausing briefly at the sweet baby and silly puppy pictures smooshed in between the exhaustive, political slants shared by “friends”. More...

It is okay for my kids to be left out.

It is okay for my kids to be left out. The weight of it hit me like a ton of bricks. A brewing, stormy friendship had reached capacity and all those big feelings bubbling just...

Finding ways to celebrate through shelter in place… again.

Finding ways to celebrate through shelter in place... again. We have a running joke in my family that our world was just a bit too quiet in the earlier years of parenting. The universe...

Meet Julie:: Professional At Play + Overconfident Juggler

Hi new friends. My name is Julie May. For so many years, I have turned to this Mom network for support. Sleep schedules, recipes, new parks to explore, surviving toddler tantrums, meetups, validation... you...