Sarah Luden


Mother’s Day Miscarriage

Mother's Day Miscarriage Deciding to try for a second kid was complicated for me. I knew what I'd be getting myself into the second time around. I was acutely aware that motherhood is HARD. And...

What Makes My Neighborhood Special

When we started our house hunt for our first home six years ago, our check-list was mostly focused on the physical house. We had a list of everything we wanted and needed. We didn't...

Tips to Find a Therapist

I've been a fan of talk therapy since my senior year of college. I needed help getting out of a funk after a bad break-up and went to talk with a counseling graduate student...
Last-Minute Valentine

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

I'm not sure about you, but I'm still tired from Christmas. Just thinking about going big for another holiday makes me want to curl up for a nap. If you're feeling the same way,...
Christmas Things I Don’t Do

All the (Christmas) Things I Don’t Do

I loved Haley’s post last year, "Things I Don't Do," so I decided to put my own holiday spin on it. Like motherhood in general, there are expectations everywhere.  Some are perceived, some are...

Festive Mocktails for the Holidays (or any days)

Whether you're pregnant, counting calories or, like me, a year-round mocktail connoisseur, I'm here with good news: Mocktails can be good y'all! Here are a few of my favorites: Tart Cherry Tini 1 ounce tart cherry juice (my...

Life Without Wine (Spoiler Alert: It’s Awesome)

One hundred days ago I decided it was time to re-examine my relationship with alcohol. In the past 100 days, I've had two glasses of wine. If we were talking about a 100 day...
dog second place

Poor Dog: From First to Second Place

Before I was Parker's mom, I was a dog mom. Not just any dog, but the two-time champion of Austin's Fastest Dog competition dog. A published dog. A highly photographed dog. An Instagram famous...
hurricane harvey

Hurricane Harvey Hero – One Mama’s Story

The following is a first-hand account of my brave friend Ryann Detamore's Hurricane Harvey evacuation on Sunday, August 27. Ryann and her husband, Brett, have three children, Cash (4), Bennett aka Benny (3) and...
sober mom

Cheers to Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is outspoken about a lot of things. Lately she's been in a flurry of headlines for her comments about her over-drinking.  I've been on a similar journey, although I didn't realize it on...