Shannon Murray

Shannon Murray
Fiery. Ambitious. Witty. Extroverted Introvert. Taco Enthusiast. Amateur Chef. Songbird. Outside of being a mother, those words best describe me on any given day. For me, every day is an Eat, Pray, Love moment. I actively consume things that bring me joy and do my best to discard things that deplete my energy. In college, I studied what interested me rather than what I thought would generate the most income (I do question my sanity sometimes). That led me down the path of Sociology and English Literature, which resulted in a bachelor’s and master’s degree (respectfully) from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. Professionally, I’ve worked in a variety of fields, including domestic violence and substance use prevention, higher education, and healthcare. Ultimately, I land wherever my heart leads me, and I bloom where planted. I am continually inspired by the work and life of Zora Neale Hurston, who quoted in her novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Over time, I’ve learned to ask the right questions. Aside from being able to write novels full-time (and survive), some of my biggest dreams are to sing in a choir/group led by Kirk Franklin, be a participant on the Amazing Race, and compete on Chopped, Sugar Rush, or the Great British Baking Show. Oh, this is a moms’ blog, right? I almost forgot. My philosophy on motherhood is to be responsible for my own happiness, so my children can learn to do the same as they evolve into adults. I generally employ a semi-hands-off approach in order to give them room to breathe, grow, and develop their natural skills. However, every now and then, I have to steer the ship back on course. We are only here for a little while, so we might as well dance. Check out my latest work at and follow me on IG and Twitter at @thewriteshan and @browngirlcentered.

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