Before I start today’s blog, I want to again express our deepest sympathies for the families impacted by the tragedy in Newton, CT. We are devastated that the lives of innocent people were taken senselessly and pray for the entire community.






Whew. Christmas is almost here and as the mother of a child who is starting to understand the whole present thing, knowing how to manage gifts this year (and all years that will follow) is definitely something to think about. I grew up with a mama who indulged us during Christmas. We normally got one big thing and a bunch of little things. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Christmas morning and I’m grateful for my mom and her shopping style.

However, for Caroline, I’m not quite sure that’s how I want Christmas morning to roll. I don’t know if I want to have to keep setting the bar higher and higher like my mom did. So, I did a little bit of research (AKA asking some friends who are moms) and decided on doing the “Real Simple Christmas.” After reading about it, I learned it’s quite popular and sustainable, the latter of which was more important to me when thinking of the Christmas “style” I wanted to develop.

So, this is how it works….you commit to four-six “categories”…I’m committing to 1. Something you want 2. Something you need 3. Something to wear and 4. Something to read (the other categories are “Something to listen” and “Something to watch”) and start a tradition of getting items from those categories. The reason I was so attracted to this was because Caroline is going to get tons of gifts from her generous grandmas and a couple big gifts from Santa, mom and dad don’t have to up the ante. AND as the years progress, the items will come with a higher dollar value and we’ll still be keeping it simple–if we can stick to it.

What do you think? How are you handling the gift situation in your house?




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