World Baby Sleep Day 2022

Started in 2017, World Baby Sleep Day was created by the Pediatric Sleep Council, as a day to recognize and bring attention to the importance of healthy sleep for your baby. According to the World...

Valentine’s Day at Home

Last year, we really couldn’t leave the house on February 14th, as Snowmaggedon rained, errr, snowed down upon us. We had no choice but to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home; and we LOVED it! The...
Mom Hacks

6 Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier

I recently went back to work after eleven years as a stay-at-home-mom and let me tell you, life got really hard for a hot second. The trains were no longer running smoothly, things were...

Courage to Leave: A Mother’s Perspective

This is the second in a six-part series on domestic abuse and domestic violence. The new Netflix show, Maid, has brought attention to emotional abuse and the role it plays in domestic violence. The show...
Barton Hills Farms

Tips for Visiting Barton Hill Farms

Every fall since we moved back to Austin in 2014, we have made the 40-mile trek from Hutto to Bastrop to visit Barton Hill Farms, and every fall the farm gets better and better....

3 Simple Steps: Meditation For Busy Moms

3 Simple Steps: Meditation For Busy Moms | If I had to guess, you’re on the toilet or lying in your bed before going to sleep soaking up the few precious minutes you have...

Practical, Sustainable and Affordable Fashion Finds

With warm Texas weather upon us (finally!), we are ready to venture back out into the world with some fun fashion flair that had been hiding in our dark closets. After being a homebody...

Tips for Working From Home Moms

"Mom-ing" combined with working from home is not always easy. Lines are blurred, roles are hazy, and sometimes you aren't sure you are really succeeding in either arena. {AHHH} Enter Boundaries!  Boundaries will help you...

No Mama, You DON’T Need to be Productive During Naptime

Fellow moms, let’s take a moment to talk about unrealistic expectations even for the little things like naptime. If this pandemic world has taught me anything, it’s that we as a society put too...

Tips for Maintaining a Strong Marriage

Fall in love, become engaged, get married and sail away into Happily Ever After!! Blame it on Romantic Comedies, blame it on fairytales, but we tend to have a rose tinted view of marriage...