It’s no secret that we love resolutions here at Austin Moms Blog.  I did a quick search and found multiple blogs written over the past few years – including a few already for 2014!  Now that we are a couple of weeks into 2014, how are you doing on your resolutions?  Still going strong, or are they broken already?

I loved what Kristen wrote, about how her family sets goals versus resolutions.  It makes so much sense.  Then I read an article (referred by Oprah), that talks about using intentions versus resolutions:

“Intentions set us up for success by stretching beyond the traditional resolution into the realm of infinite possibility and pure potential. An intention expands the affirmative quality of the resolution, while softening expectations of how we believe things should unfold . . . it is like sending a whisper out to the universe as we say “yes” to our vision, and plant the seeds for our deepest soul desires to come to life. It is intention that initiates inner transformation.”
Sounds pretty legit to me.  So, I obviously have some resolutions intentions for myself personally, but I want to share my intentions in my marriage for this year.  The hubs and I have been married for over 10 years now, and will celebrate the 16th anniversary of our first date on Valentine’s Day.  (I know, I know…feel free to gag a little.)  Having been together for such a long time, plus two kids and our insane schedules, I swear there are days that go by that we barely speak to each other!
I really want to make our marriage a priority this year.  So here are my 2014 Marriage Intentions:
1. Travel Together.  We used to go on trips all of the time, then grown-up life happened.  Up until last October, we hadn’t been on a trip, just the two of us, in 8 years.  We went on a long weekend to San Fransisco in October and it was awesome.  We I realized that the kids can survive without me for a few days (thanks to my awesome bestie!), and we had a great time being adults for more than a quick night out.
2.  See More Music.  One of my favorite things about Austin is the live music scene.  We love to see shows, but don’t get to nearly enough anymore.  I hope we can make it to a few great shows, in addition to ACL in October.
3.  Regular Date Night.  I know everyone has this on their list, and I say it every year, but it never happens.  I think, sometimes, we put too much pressure on a date night and it becomes unrealistic.  I’d be thrilled to just have a sitter once a month so we can have a couple of drinks and grab a lane!
4.  Flirt More.  I used to be the master when it came to flirting.  And I still love to flirt with my husband…when we are out on dates.  However, it’s important that my children see that their parents love like each other, so I am going to try to make an effort to flirt more!
5.  Write Notes.  When we were dating and in college, I used to write notes and draw pictures during class.  He loved getting these – even when it just said something simple like “Hey Babe – Have a super day!”  So, one of my intentions this year, is to write more notes and sneak them into his car, wallet, etc.
How about you?  What are your intentions for your marriage in 2014?


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