If you have a child, it’s 99.9% possible you’ve had a pee-in-the-bed situation. Now normally I don’t pay too close attention to my mattress, but for some reason, on this fateful Sunday, I was pretty damn repulsed at my bare mattress. I know you’re with me if you’ve been through potty training.

Seriously, talk about gross. The funny thing is that we had a mattress cover at some point, but somewhere between Dallas and Austin, it got lost.

So, what’s a mom to do with a mattress that looks like a small animal died on it? Figure out how the heck to clean it is what.

After a bit of research I stumbled across two different solutions and one of them worked like a charm! Instead of hoarding this knowledge in my mind, I thought I better share it with the masses as this, my friends, was a #mattressgamechanger.



Here’s what you do:

1. Take a measuring cup and pour 8 ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide in there.

2. Take Three Tablespoons of baking soda and pour it into the peroxide. Mix it a little.

3. Pour the mixture in the spray bottle

4. Drop literally one drop of dish soap in the bottle.

5. Mix it up

6. Get sprayin’

Spray as much of the bottle as you want on the stains you have on the mattress. Put your ceiling fan on high and in about an hour…VOILA!



I know! CRAZY amazing how it worked. Now after the first hour there was still some yellowishness, but after the second run it was completely gone!

Amazing–go try it!

Have you seen my miracle carpet cleaner, too? I love miracles.


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    I can’t wait to try your concoction. But can you please confirm if the hydrogen peroxide is the usual 3% solution available in stores? Also, can it be applied on mattresses with a silk face?

    Thank you greatly

    • Yes, just your regular, “run of the mill”, 3%hydrogen peroxide from your grocery store.

      If you are concerned about discoloration, I would try an inconspicuous spot on your mattress first.

  2. Would love to try this but do you have links to products please ? In uk sometimes USA products are different names to uk don’t want to kill my Mattress lol ! Do you have Amazon links for products please ?

  3. Hi from uk sometimes USA products have different names in U.K. I don’t want to make a mistake and damage the materess , do you have links for products on Amazon please ? Saves me using wrong ingredients ? Want to try this asap if possible your help would be appreciated .
    Manny thanks

  4. I used this on my son’s matress and it did a fantastic job. He’s disabled and has accidents even with a matress protector on. I had to apply this twice but it worked wonders. The only problem was the pump stopped working after 1st application. Do you have a fix for it. I eventually took a microfiber cloth and applied it with that and it worked fairly well. Thanks again for your terrific advice.

    • I’d suggest a LIGHT rinse with water, maybe on a washcloth or rag after stains are gone.. I know hp makes me a little itchy too, so the water rinse should dilute whatever remaining peroxide leftover..

  5. These stain removers are a total life saver. I love these homemade ideas because I can go to the kitchen in an emergency and whip something up without having to run out to the store in a panic. Thanks, Vanessa!

  6. Do not add baking soda to the mixture or it will break your pump! I broke two before I figured out that the powder was clogging the pump. Put peroxide, soap, and lavender essential oils in a spray bottle, and after your spray mattress then sprinkle on the baking soda. Rub in with rag and let dry for 4-5 hours. Then vacuum! Stains removed!


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