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I’ve struggled with weight and body image since I was a little girl.  Losing weight and keeping it off has never come easy and I have tried everything!  After Hudson (age 8) was born, I bounced back relatively quickly, and while never “skinny”, I felt pretty good about myself.  After Finn (age 3) was born, my metabolism has changed and it’s been a constant struggle.


Last summer I took a prescription weight loss pill and was able to lose 20lbs.  I actually LOVED the medication and I felt GREAT, but it slowly crept back on once I stopped taking it.  Plus, taking pills is not a long-term solution, and my health is priority over my vanity.  Over the last several months, I have continued to slowly put on the lbs due to my crazy schedule.  Not only am I momma to two awesome little boys, but I also just completed my first year as a high school theatre and speech teacher, UIL Speech Coach and One Act Play Director. Teacher life has been incredible and incredibly busy!

My One Act Play has advanced all the way to State (and we won!), which meant I spent the last six months and all of my “free” time at the theatre watching my show, eating candy (because, um, it’s delicious)…and eating on the go.  Not a good solution for someone who has weight loss goals.

The time is now and the time is right.  School is out for summer and at the top of my goal list for the summer: Get Fit & Healthy.  I don’t want to go into another school year without the tools that I need to stay healthy, even during my busiest seasons.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out MediFast Weight Loss Centers. Medifast has been around (and recommended by doctors) for over 30 years – it’s a reputable company with a long history of success stories.


“Designed to fit your weight loss goal and lifestyle, Medifast is clinically-proven to be a fast and safe way to lose weight. Each of the easy to follow weight loss plans let you reach a fat-burning state and still feel full, allowing you to lose weight quickly and safely no matter which plan you choose.

The daily diet incorporates a mix of Medifast meal replacements (think shakes, smoothies and small snacks) and real food (that you prepare yourself)— which help to keep you satisfied while you lose weight.”

If you just go online and check it out, you are able to order the food and try to follow the program on your own, however, that can be a little confusing, plus, we all know how much better it is when trying a program like this to have accountability. At Medifast Texas, you find a location that is convenient to you, schedule your first appointment, then have weekly check in sessions (weigh-ins..eek!), and pick your your next 7 days of supplements.

At my first consultation, my counselor was so helpful! We discussed my struggles and my goals, they measured and weighed me, and we developed a plan. In our planning, I was given a small Food Journal to keep track of my food and water intake, a binder full of information on healthy living and eating, and a fantastic cookbook to help me with my dinner choices. In addition, they gave me a water bottle to help encourage water intake (which, we all know is CRUCIAL) and an awesome blender bottle to make my daily smoothies and coffee.  (PS – The Cappuccino is AWESOME.)

So, now, here I am…about to embark on a three month journey to getting healthy, dropping the unhealthy pounds, and reaching my goals. I am not setting any unrealistic goals – I am a girl who likes food, likes to have fun, and LOVES my curves! I am excited to see where Medifast will take me, and am going to give you all updates along the way.

This is a big deal as I’m usually pretty private about my weight – but I’m hoping the accountability of having our awesome readers on my side, will be a good motivator!

This is me:

  • Starting weight – July 15, 2015: 165lbs (ugh – I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.)
  • Three Month Goal Weight – October 15, 2015: 135-140lbs
  • Long Term Goal weight – December 15, 2015: 125lbs


If you’ve ever considered trying something like Medifast – now is a great time! Get started with me and we’ll do it together. Medifast is offering a special promotion right now – a “Christmas in July” if you will:

‘Tis the season to celebrate with a slimmer you!

Enjoy the gift of 50% off the program fee* with the purchase of a full program

or by scheduling a consultation before 7/31/2015.

Merry Summer!

*Discount applies only to program fees and is not valid on food products.

You can find more info on Medifast on their facebook page and set up your first consultation! I use the Cedar Park location (located  in the 1890 Ranch Shopping Center), but there are multiple locations so find the one best for you!

What do you think? Want to join me on my journey?

Let’s do it!

“Be the Best Version of You”!

For more info on Medifast – check out these resources:

Medifast Texas YouTube page:
Medifast on Google+:
Medifast on Facebook:

***I have been given program consultations and food in exchange for my honest review of my journey on Medifast. The opinions and results are 100% honest and my own.***

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