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Looking for the best resources in Austin to help you achieve the natural birth of your dreams? Look no further! Last month we asked hundreds of local moms to vote for their favorite midwives, doulas and more… and we’ve compiled their recommendations in one easy to find spot!

***These providers and comments were taken directly from our readers***

Favorite Doula

Top Choice: Austin BornAustinBornlogoAustinBorn started in early 2014, on the belief that women and their families desire guidance, support, and community as they grow and to meet the need for families to have access to a variety of services meeting a spectrum of needs during pregnancy to early parenting, all under one roof.


  • “They provide amazing support pre, post and of course during birth. They also offer a variety of classes for pregnancy, breastfeeding and new motherhood/parenting topics.”
  • “Their supportive environment lends a calming hand to helping educate mothers on all their options while connecting them with other families.”
  • “Their partnership gave me confidence that I would have a doula I knew and trusted at my birth; They were endlessly supportive and helpful; I felt like supporting my wishes for the birth that I wanted was their top priority; I felt incredibly comfortable with all of them; their extra services were and continue to be very helpful; and the community that I became a part of with them is one of a kind and invaluable!”
  • “Austin Born gave me such a great community to navigate pregnancy and new parenthood.”

Other Favorites:

  • Lacreshia Laningham “Lacreshia is a licensed massage therapist specializing in pregnancy massages which really helps during labor. Additionally, she has a vast knowledge of naturopathy and different laboring styles. She… has a close working relationship with many midwives and providers in all birthing settings. She also happens to be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet!”
  • ATX DoulasThey are a collective and they are all so personable and knowledgeable! You can trust that whoever you end up with will be perfect for your labor and delivery!”
  • Shelley ScotkaHer experience, knowledge, and passion is unmatched.”
  • Julie Garcia[She has a] wealth of knowledge, dedication, calm under pressure demeanor, and laid back nature.”

Favorite Midwife

Top Choice: The Midwives of Austin Area Birthing Center

  • “This collaboration of midwives pool their smarts, experience and intuition together to make a fabulous team caring for Austin area mommas!”
  • “Leonora at AABC is wonderful! She knows exactly what to say to help alleviate the stress that often comes with motherhood. Leonora is the best baby catcher this side of the Mason-Dixon!”
  • “Roswitha [at AABC] was my delivering midwife, she has a lifetime of experience, is calm, collected and very confident. We hit a snag during transition where my sons heart rate began to drop and because of her quick thinking and motivating instruction, I was still able to deliver my son at the birthing center without an episiotomy.”
  • “Vicki’s [at AABC] expertise and care during pregnancy and labor gave me confidence, knowledge, support and most of all trust in my body.”

Other Favorites:

  • Tandem MidwiferyThey are all about client-led care which is obvious by how they listen and respond to the needs of their mamas.”
  • Central Texas Birth Center[Salli Gonzalez] is the most caring person I’ve ever met! She listens intently to EVERY little concern, always responds with kindness, and nothing rattles her – completely calm no matter what.”[Heather Hilton] helps mom’s be more comfortable by connecting with them at a personal level. She also has an amazing staff.”
  • Aspen GreenShe spends as much time as necessary with the birthing mother and works tirelessly as an advocate for women.”
  • Christy TahjianHolistic, personalized care that is warm yet professional. She is also not afraid to do things differently when clients are making fully informed choices.”

Favorite Birth Center

Top Choice: Austin Area Birthing Center

  • “The midwives and staff here care about the whole woman and family – and it shows from the minute you call. Everyone is kind, friendly and incredibly knowledgable. It’s a great blend of keeping birth as a normal, healthy process and also utilizing modern medicine/technology as appropriate. The midwives base their practices and recommendations on research and experience, and are happy to discuss all the options with you throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. They listen so carefully to their patients – and the aftercare is truly exceptional.”
  • “They really focus on patients. They go with natural methods first. Their facilities are beautiful and they include yoga and all types of parent support with their care.”
  • “AABC fosters a supportive environment for expecting moms that goes far beyond what you would find at a hospital. Pre and post natal yoga is offered along with baby, toddler, and breastfeeding classes for two years! Plus the childbirth prep classes is great!”
  • “Staff is very calming and caring, the midwives are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, the facilities are GORGEOUS and comfortable (not mention well equipped.) They take care of their families and make them feel loved.”
  • “I have never witnessed a team like AABC’s before, they take you all the way from pregnancy way into postpartum. They don’t forget about you after you have your nugget, plenty of classes and support network and community built in.”

Other Favorites:

  • Central Texas Birth CenterThey are calm, encouraging, supportive, and informative about every aspect of pregnancy/labor/postpartum. I felt like I was in a protective bubble with them allowing me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy and birth versus constantly defending my decisions.”
  • Natural BeginningsComfortable, calm, and inviting rooms, wonderful staff, and just across the street from North Austin Medical Center. You couldn’t ask for a better birth center!”
  • BirthwiseThe environment is peaceful and designed like a home away from home…but better. They have enough space for your loved ones to be a part of the process. They offer many classes and other services so you don’t have to look around–its all there.”

Favorite Natural-Friendly Hospital

Top Choice: St. Davids North Austin Medical Center

  • “Well all the nurses respected my decision to have a natural childbirth. Everyone made the experience amazing! They advocated for what I wanted in my birthing journey, and really helped achieve a beautiful experience for both births.”
  • “Most of their policies are supportive of the mother and her right to choose how she labors; and their nurses are supportive as well.”
  • “My delivery nurses respected my birth plan and never once pushed drugs or made me stay in bed. They encourage me to be up and moving around. They also supported me not wanting to deliver on my back; I delivered on my hands and knees.”
  • “They are striving to be mother-baby friendly in all aspects.”

Other Favorites:

  • Seton MainI was skeptical of striving for a natural delivery in a hospital setting but the providers there actually read my birth plan and were accommodating. They supported and respected our preferences.”
  • St Davids Main “They did everything they possibly could to honor my original birth plan after I had transferred from the birthing center. And they were VERY pro breastfeeding, which I found incredibly helpful. The whole environment made my transfer less traumatic.”
  • Seton Southwest “The nurses, doctors, and other staff members were so supportive in making sure our birth plan was accommodated.”

Favorite Natural-Friendly OBGYN

Top Choice: OBGYN North

  • “So supportive no matter what you choose which makes you feel like you are capable of anything, including a natural birth.”
  • “Very natural minded, evidence-based care, wants women to be informed and empowered in the birthing experience.”
  • “Love their practice, really personal care throughout pregnancy. My birth would have been an unnecessary c-section if I had been with a less devoted team.”
  • “The OBs here are respectful of the body’s natural ability to birth a baby. Their policies are geared towards letting a woman’s body and baby set the pace for labor, and there are no unnecessary interventions or scare tactics. They listen to their clients and treat them respectfully.”

Other Favorites:

  • Dr. Hinds (Cedar Park OBGYN) “Not only is he natural birth friendly, he’s natural pregnancy friendly and never batted an eye at any of my “crazy crunchy” alternatives.”
  • Nurture OBGYN “Dr. Campaigne [at Nurture]is the BEST hands down! She delivered both of my daughters, which both were natural deliveries. Her level of compassion, kindness, and genuine interest in momma/baby combined with her incredible knowledge and professionalism makes for a beautiful experience.”
  • Dr. Mikeal Love “He takes the time necessary to discuss your wants and needs. Doesn’t try to hurry you out the door. Never tries to push you to do something you’re uncomfortable with.”

Favorite Delivery & Newborn Photographers

jennifernajvarTop Choice: Jennifer Najvar PhotographyCustom newborn photography provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture portraits of your newborn with heirloom images and beautiful art for your home and family. Jennifer Najvar Photography is a boutique portrait studio specializing in fine art newborn portraits in Austin, Texas, and offering a product line made up of the highest quality art pieces, archival art albums, and prints available. Sessions are scheduled during the first 14 days after your baby’s arrival. The best time to reserve your newborn photography session is during your pregnancy before you reach 30 weeks.


Other Favorites: 

  • Laura Morsman Photography
  • Katie Starr Photography

Who are YOUR favorite natural birth providers, and why do you love them? 



  1. This is a great list! I am a prenatal chiropractor and I have personally shared patients with most of the amazing people mentioned. We are so lucky to have so many great options within our natural birthing community!

    Our beautiful home birth just 6 days ago was attended by Salli and Jessie from the Central Texas Birth Center and Chiminh Ashton from The Gentle Sherpa. Emry was born into a quiet, peaceful, and loving environment and I can’t imagine going through that experience with anyone else!

  2. I had an appallingly bad experience at Austin Area Birthing Center… actually many appallingly bad experiences with them. I’m surprised by all the praise on this page. I had a few positive experiences with a couple of midwives, but I ended up firing them late in my pregnancy and being much happier elsewhere. My advice, don’t be dazzled by the pretty space, interview many many midwives and go with your gut.

  3. I had a really poor experience at AABC too.
    -With the Receptionist (the redhead): I transferred later, so she repeatedly refused let me join the normal birth group’s activities, despite the midwives permission to do so.
    -With the admin office: They wouldn’t give me data about how many births ended up at a hospital or in complications/death, but the nearby hospital seems to have a lot to say about it.
    -With the lactation consultants: the north one glanced and tried to help, but gave me a nipple shield and didn’t advise me how to stop, so I just kept using it until my supply (unknowingly) dropped. The south one was worse, she wouldn’t even drive up to see me, kept making excuses instead of investigating and simply said “sometimes babies just cry” …except my baby was deeply underweight, if she had just come & checked, and wasn’t getting any breastmilk. This complimentary service is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.
    -With the midwives: you don’t get to choose you midwife and some aren’t RN’s, which make me uncomfortable. Roswitha was smoking while I was arriving, so guess who had to breathe all that in when she told me to take deep breaths?

  4. Austin Mom and Lisa, I’m sorry to hear you had bad experiences. It seems that lots of moms have enjoyed their births at AABC, though. Perhaps if you reached out to AABC directly they could help address some of these issues?


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