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It was one of those mornings. You know… one of THOSE mornings. Alarm fails you, kids are already demanding something, dog is pleading to go out, and all I want to do is hide my head in the covers. Oh wait, that’s EVERY morning.

Well today was an extra special morning, it was lead by sleep deprivation, allergy- induced behavior, anxiety stemming from having a phone interview in a few hours, and it’s raining. That means… everyone is moving at a VERY slow pace. *help me* School just started for my oldest, so we are also in the process of getting back on a regular schedule. So I guess you can say I’m dealing with a lot of fun transitions right now.

To add to this sunshine of a day, we ran out of dog food, cereal, milk for the non-existent cereal, and COFFEE. Oh no girlfriend, this momma needs coffee! So you can just imagine, EVERYONE in my house is a ball of awesome right now.

I consider myself organized, and on top of things, but the past few weeks have been filled with my toddler changing her sleep patterns (awesome), preparing for school to start for my now kindergartner (wah!), entertaining my kids with end of summer activities, and work. And THESE my friends, are the days of my life.

So this is where my lifesaver came in. Remember this name, INSTACART. It’s a grocery concierge service. I think I shed a couple of tears this morning once I saw the woman walking up with my groceries. Tears. Of. Joy.

Absolutely user-friendly, and possibly one of my favorite applications on my phone. From Whole Foods to Costco, they have a selection of stores based in your area. So if I want something from Whole Foods, Costco, and HEB, you have that option to select multiple items from multiple stores. WHAT! Yes. Plus they allow you to choose substitutes if your product isn’t available. Amazing, right? It’s your very own personal shopper. Oh and for future shopping, they keep your favorites saved. Yes ma’am, your life just got easier.

A screenshot while using Instacart
A screenshot while using Instacart

Oh, what’s the catch? Wait for it…*birds chirping*…there is NO catch. To top it off, first delivery is free. Overall it’s very reasonable, especially when it means my time and overall mental state are not compromised. They will even surprise you with additional free delivery opportunities the more you use the application.

So you walk around your house in your birthday suit? No problem, you choose the hour for delivery, and they send a text reminder. That way there won’t be any surprises for anyone involved. Just make sure to tip that amazing personal shopper. Remember, they just threw you a lifebuoy.

Oh, and to put the icing on the cake…head over and use the code “austinmoms10” for $10 off your order.

You’re welcome.

Oh Instacart :: My Lifesaver


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