Learned from You Dad I Austin Moms BlogDear Dad,

I may have rolled my eyes at your advice and dad jokes over the years, but now that I’m a parent myself it all makes sense. I even find myself repeating some of your pearls of wisdom as my own. Here are a some of my favorites:

“Life is about experiences, not things” and boy do those “things” multiply when you have children. The toys, the clothes, the strollers, and on and on and all. the. things. Worrying about cleaning the things, buying new things and/or the pressure to keep up with the things that others have can seem overwhelming. Your advice helps me remember that it’s the experiences that matter most and that Parker will remember most someday. It’s the trips, adventures, moments chasing each other around the house and “getting the sillies” out that matter most.

“Work, work, work” – as your dad always told you, you have to work hard for what you want. And wow is being a good parent, wife, best friend, sister, daughter, co-worker, neighbor, hard work sometimes! And thanks to Rihanna, it now reminds me of this:

Credit: Recite.com
Credit: Recite.com

“Kraft singles and Cheerios are totally fine for dinner” – (sorry Mom, I couldn’t resist including this one). Mom may have given you a hard time about slapping a piece of cheese down on the high-chair for dinner when we were younger and you were in charge of dinner, but we survived just fine (and it’s probably why I love cheese so much, so thank you). When some evenings Parker just wants Trader Joe’s mini cheese crackers for dinner, I think hey, it worked for Dad!

“You can’t beat a good nap” – THE TRUTH. Naps may not be as frequent of an occurrence in my life as they were pre-baby, but they sure are glorious. Even a quick 30-minute nap is a game changer and recharges me with the energy to go seek out all those experiences!

Happy Father’s Day!What I've Learned from You Dad

Love, Sarah
What I've Learned from You Dad


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