Labor Day weekend is wrapping up and what better way to honor the working people of America (AKA: you!) but to make some yummy, melt-in-your-mouth food! This list has a little bit of everything to help make your long celebratory weekend as awesome as it can be because food makes everything better.  Am I right!?!  So grab your sunscreen, sunglasses and fire up your grill.  Summer may be over for school kids but it’s a long weekend, so relax and have some fun with family and friends!

Here are some delicious Labor Day recipes to make everyone happy:

Now that Austin has a few scrumptious In-N-Out Burgers around then we can indulge more often then we may need, however, you can make your own In-N-Out Style Burger Bar. Perfect for Labor Day! Grill the burgers then check out the link above to make the toppings for this perfect party burger!

These sliders are a go to for birthday parties and are a perfect comfort food for a Labor Day weekend!  You just cannot go wrong with Ham and Swiss Sliders. Easy oven recipe and loved by all ages!

Add a little sophistication to your sides for Labor Day with this mouth watering Marinated Grilled Veggies and Avocado Whipped Feta Dip. This dip could go great with a lot of anything!

Fruit is fantastic at any holiday party.  You just have to try this simple recipe for Rainbow Fruit Skewers and Vanilla Yogurt Honey Dip.  The kids will definitely love the rainbow colors and will not be able to keep their hands off of them!

What American holiday weekend is complete without s’mores?  Instead of making a fire outside in this hot Texas summer heat, just make this divine S’mores Dip.  So grab all the fixins and your iron skillet – it will not disappoint!

Make this simple Red, White and Blue Lemonade as a big pitcher because it will surely be another goner if you don’t make enough. The kids will love the beautiful vibrant colors of the strawberries and blueberries.

And last but certainly not least…this Margarita Mule will go down smooth but with a little zing from the ginger beer. What a great mix of a traditional lime margarita for your long weekend festivities.


Do you mix up your recipes for holiday weekends or stick with your tried and true classics?


Abigail Head is a native Texan living in Central Austin with her hunky husband, Chad and their two strong willed rugrats. Their 6 year old son, Teak, is a true walking miracle and a strong force to be reckoned with. Sloan, their spunky firecracker and 2 year old daughter, is a fearless monkey on the playground. Abby loves chocolate, antiques, being creative, authentic people, and lots of coffee! She has been in the real estate business for over a decade however these days keeps busy wrangling her two little redheads and tries to find time to do something else she loves, write. Follow her and her family's shenanigans in the little squares on Instagram @theheadhouseatx or her little blog


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