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We’ve all had our bad moms moments, heck at Austin Moms Blog we even joined together to do a list of ours! (Check it out here).

But sometimes there are those moments when our kids make use feel like we’ve got this mom thing down, those moments when you’re proud of not only your kids but of yourself as a parent. And really, those moments should be just as shared and open as the bad ones.

Here are a few of our own moments that make us feel like great moms at Austin Moms Blog:

“I loved taking my kids to the Texas Book Festival; sitting in a deer stand with my 13-year old son; working through friendship challenges with my 10-year old daughter; studying Spanish ‘ser’ vs ‘estar’ with my son.”

My 3 year old embraces people with kindness and she loves on them. She is the biggest ‘hugger’ in her class and she makes people feel special. I feel like since her dad and I approach she and sister this way – we model it for her and that’s how she treats others. That makes me feel like a great mom.”

“One of my favorite accomplishment is how much they love books! I have been reading to my babies since they were in my belly. They are now 5 & 7. To this day, they get excited for our story times, which are always: once together before nap. (Oh yeah, I still get them to nap!) Then they each get their own story in their room. At night, my husband and I tag team it: he reads to one, I read to the other and then we switch. Now that Mario can read, he reads to each of us during our alone time, too. It makes for a long nighttime routine, but so worth it. They love being able to pick the stories we read (mostly dinosaur stories for Travis, but I’ll take it!) We also take a trip to the library every two weeks and pick out a bunch of books to last us that long in English and in Spanish. They actually love going to the library with me! Yes, I am the crazy lady lugging a shopping bag full of books. We got 18 today!”

“I took my 3-year-old to the DMV yesterday for 3 hours. It was a blast. We have such a fun time and such a connection we can literally be anywhere and I don’t worry about him…. single momming for 3 years and having to take him everywhere with me – he knows the jam and we can hang together even in not so fun times. I know some people who dread being in public with their toddler. Not me.”

“One of E’s teachers said E went up to the new girl in class and asked her if she wanted to play dolls with her; E’s teacher said E is very friendly and welcoming with other children. Yay kindness!”

” I don’t know how it happened because I never explicitly taught him, but my 17-month old LOVES sharing. He even tried to give away some of his candy from his bucket on Halloween to the people whose houses we were trick or treating at. He is seriously so nice to everyone. When we go to outings with other kids he is always trying to share his toys or food. He has also mastered the words ‘thank you’ (it comes out sounding like tant tu) and has even thanked me for changing his diaper. I don’t know how this happened other than my husband and I must say thank you and share a lot. He’s a stay at home kid so I know he’s getting these things from me/us and it makes me feel really good about myself.”

“When I’ve had to leave my two youngest (6 & 8) with other baseball parents (boys were not playing, but hubs was coaching oldest) due to prior obligations. I received so many compliments on their manners and behavior! I was the shocked momma because they are hellions otherwise!”

“For Easter and Halloween, my daughter’s daycare has a festival with stations. She went around to the stations with her basket collecting stickers, candy, etc and passed everything out to the kids that can’t yet walk and were just sitting on the sidelines at the festival. She took nothing for herself. Her teachers told me that she’s always checking on other kids and asking if they’re okay when they cough/cry. She had a fever last week and I sneezed, she dropped everything to say ‘You okay, Mommy’, get me a band-aid, put it on my leg, and then gave me a kiss and a hug. I’d like to think the nurturer in me is having influence! We also have 3 rescue animals and my daughter is so gentle with all 3. It makes me feel badass when we see a dog and she knows how to approach the dog, ask to pet, and then gently pet the dog. People appreciate her dog manners!”

“My son can be rough and tumble with his dad but is such a tenderhearted, gentle soul. He has never hurt anyone intentionally even in retaliation and is always there to help anyone in need. He’s my little Ferdinand. Every year he picks out toys to donate before Christmas to Safe Place. I anticipated this getting harder as he got older but it’s actually gotten easier. His sweet giving soul always makes me feel proud.”


What are some of your proud momma moments? Share them with us!

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