horseback riding

Best Places for Horseback Riding Lessons in Austin

I honestly can’t remember a time that I didn’t love my first photo-documented horseback ride, I was two years old! I’ve continued to take lessons, care for, lease, compete with, and own horses...

2021 Guide to Kid-Friendly Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries – with COVID Policies

As Austin continues to expand like crazy, so do the breweries, wineries and distilleries! Here’s your updated 2021 guide to enjoying the best kid-friendly breweries, wineries and distilleries around Austin, including their specific COVID policies. Pack...

Best Hobbies to Start This Year

As we all continue to cope with the impact of COVID-19, many of us have taken up hobbies of all sorts. It has been our way to decrease the stress of being home while...

Outdoor Exercise Activities for the Entire Family

Quick—what’s something you can do to release some energy, redirect your mind, and get some enjoyment out of this extended family time? Ways to get out for some outdoor exercise activities for the entire...
Spring Break

Quarantine Fatigue Busters: Spring Break 2021

Quarantine fatigue is real, y’all, I know. It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago, we left school for Spring Break (on a Friday the 13th eek!) and didn’t come back. Yikes....

Best Glamping Spots for Families in the Texas Hill Country

Confession: I love the outdoors, but I hate the idea of camping with my kids. I hope I’ll change my mind when they’re older, but right now the thought of sleeping (or more likely,...
family activities at home

Family Fun Activities at Home

We are officially now 11 months into this pandemic. So, let’s just be honest, we are all bored AF and the kids are driving us bonkers being stuck mostly at home. Then you throw...

Breaking Bread with Your Neighbors

So long California… Moving away from family and friends in California and creating a new life in a new city (Austin) can be challenging. We quickly realized that having a strong support system here...

To The Moms Who Are Getting That Degree

Dear Moms working on a degree, first let me say, I see you and I appreciate you. Second, no you aren’t crazy, it is hard. It is infinitely harder with children around. This past summer,...
January Kids

14 Things To Do With the Kids in January in Austin

The holidays are over. The kids are back in school. The nights are long. The weather is cold. The month of January can be somewhat depressing for both adults and kids; however, there is no...