Hey y’all! I am Aditi Khemka Goenka and am so happy to be writing for AMB! For seven years now, I’ve been meaning to blog and here I am – finally – a mommy blogger (I’ve always wanted to say that!). A big thank you to the AMB team for opening up their circle and inviting me on board! I look forward to sharing my musings on motherhood and life with this amazing community.

I am married to my high-school sweetheart and we have two incredibly amazing kids – K (8) and A (3). It warms my heart to say despite the age difference, they are best friends and I hope it always stays that way. I came to the US from India back in 2007, right after getting married. Texas has been home ever since. I spent my first 4 years in Dallas and loved the malls there – literally shopped till I dropped! Then, I moved to Austin and found my soul town. I love the wholesome, holistic feel Austin has. Central Market has won my heart and that’s huge coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy grocery shopping! Luckily, I am married to someone who loves cooking. When we entertain, he is the one whipping up delicious meals and I am happily busy with staging, plating, and table-decorating.

My childhood was a happy one — filled with family, friends, sleepovers, outside playtime, restricted tv time and stuff memories are made of. I grew up moderately religious and deeply spiritual. My journey of self-improvement is never-ending. I am an extroverted-introvert and recharge with me-time. Being a mom, getting alone time is hard, but I manage to carve out a tiny portion of my day to dwell on my thoughts in silence. This usually happens between 5:30am-6:15am daily. I believe in the adage ‘early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise’ and try sticking with it as much as mommy life allows 🙂

Recently, I accepted a full-time position and I absolutely love it! I work in marketing for an amazing real estate company here in Austin. Staying home with kids has been rewarding in its own way. Working in a corporate setting has its perks. Having been on both sides of the fence, I feel like a balanced life is what I seek. My work drives me and my family grounds me.

When we are not taking our kids to a karate or chess or gymnastics or piano lesson, you will find us lunching or dining at yet another new, eclectic eatery in town. Austin is foodie heaven and though, I’m not a foodie by any means, we enjoy trying new foods and cuisines. Being vegetarian in Austin is awesome because every restaurant has options for me. I’m happiest when I’m creative – be it crafting or gift-wrapping or baking with my kids. So far, we’ve tried our hands at homemade soaps, candles, chocolate, ice cream, jam, and bread! I’m a voracious reader, in that, I love reading a variety of literature, including books that offer new perspectives because I have come to learn that when we challenge our beliefs, they only grow stronger.

This is me, signing off. Just want to say that I have enjoyed reading Austin Moms’ Blogs for a long time now and I hope to add value to your life by sharing my mommy discoveries and epiphanies with you!


  1. hey aditi u reeeeally make us proud….. just lurve the way u handling your kids, soulmate,home & job & still happy happy …..u r commendable…..v back home have loads to learn from u….tc & stay blessed🤗🤗


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