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At IDEA Public Schools, we encourage a learning environment and develop a capacity in our scholars to strive to learn new things. We want every student to carry this with them through grade school and onto college in the future.

In 3rd grade at IDEA Allan Academy, our students get a science lesson in all things matter. They learn to understand the difference between liquids, solids and gases and how amazing the change between states can be!

Part of understanding this process involves hands on learning activities to give students the ability to test and observe what makes a mixture and what makes a solution. Students did this by mixing rice and flour to visibly see how the mix didn’t alter their state.

“My lab group mixed rice and flour, but they didn’t combine or change. That makes it a mixture, because the materials didn’t dissolve,” says Caroline Rivera Santos at IDEA Allan Academy.

Students also receive a lesson in understanding team roles of the science lab. Materials managers are specifically in charge of bringing the materials to the lab, while timekeepers ensure students are on task and hold others accountable with how much time they have left to complete their assignment.

“Today, I am the principal investigator of the group,” says Maxwell Xavier Cook of IDEA Allan Academy. “These roles are important because everyone does their part. If we all don’t work together, the lab won’t be a success.”

These experiments are just a glimpse of all our students are given the chance to participate in inside and outside the classroom. Recently at the 58th Annual RGV Regional Science & Engineering Fair, 25 IDEA scholars placed, and two students were automatically entered into the international and state competition. 

Students won awards based on various subjects including plant sciences, physics and astronomy, microbiology and mathematics.

At IDEA, we believe the learning doesn’t have to stop once summer vacation rolls around! Want to engage your child in science experiments during the summer break? Check out a few fun experiment ideas below:

These awesome summer science experiments are filled with play and learning opportunities.

At IDEA Public Schools, we believe that every child can go to college and we ensure that our students will reach their full potential and beyond!

For more information on IDEA Public Schools, please visit www.ideapublicschools.org.


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