What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 session for most photographers is a lifestyle shoot that occurs between 24-48 hours post-delivery.  What makes these photos amazing you might ask?  Post labor sweat combined with hormonal tears doesn’t exactly scream photo shoot but trust me it is worth it!

Whitney Cooley Photography

Let’s face it, those first 48 hours are truly a blur! With nurses checking on you every few hours, visitors and hourly feeds, those first days will slip past you in the blink of an eye.

How are you possibly supposed to cherish those moments as well as remember them for a lifetime when you are also did I mention, sleep-deprived? A Fresh 48 session is how!

Whitney Cooley Photography

I was slightly skeptical of this new trend and tend to be the “always put together makeup and hair” photo kind of gal. I began to realize how important these photos would be for our family if we decided our family was now complete. When packing my hospital bag I color coordinated outfits for the four of us, something neutral but cohesive, be creative, a fun robe for mamma and similar color palette for the family.

Talented photographers will capture the unexpected candid moments without stressing you out. Your baby will be changing so fast, hour to hour, day to day, capture those fist milestones: breast feeding, dad’s first diaper change, or just gazing at your newest bundle of joy!  Including siblings can add another complex element but also makes for the sweetest images. My favorite photos from our session were Stella my spunky almost two year old meeting her brother, Nash for the first time.  After months of reading big sister books, prepping her and talking about baby brother, that initial look on her face was priceless.

Whitney Cooley Photography

Fresh 48 photos are simple, intimate, raw and full of emotion.

Those fleeting newborn moments are quickly forgotten as you venture home to the chaos that consists of house guests, siblings and everyday chores. These photos are sure to steal your heart and remind you of those precious moments with your newborn.

So…if you are on the fence about booking a session for an upcoming baby, please do it! These photos are sure to steal your heart and remind you of those first few days with your newborn. You won’t regret it!

Whitney Cooley Photography




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