Isn’t it overwhelming to search online for baby items? Reviews after reviews, gadgets for everything, and the list goes on.  Truth is, most of it you don’t need. Save the money you’d spend on those items and put it towards splurging on a few good quality things!

Below are my top picks for critical higher priced baby items which in my experience have been worth the extra dough!

Dockatot, prices vary and depend on cover styles $175 – 215

When I was pregnant with my first this wasn’t a must have item according to my gal pals so I skipped the purchase.  When I was pregnant round two, my goal was to re-purpose the gear I already had from my first babe. For us, however, this was a lifesaver. A safe sleeping solution, that provides a cozy womb-like feeling for the baby. It truly was the only way my son wanted to sleep the first few months!

Sleeping cozy in his Dockatot

Comotomo bottles, prices vary but typically around $15 per individual bottle

To help ease the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding this unique bottle does just that! The Comotomo Bottles feature dual air-vents to prevent colic, wide-neck design for easy cleaning (minimal parts unlike the Dr. Browns bottles), and was created out of a hygienic silicone material so there is no worry of toxic chemicals. In addition, the silicone material provides a “skin-like” feel and makes it easier for your little one to begin to hold for themselves. This product is a must have!

Learning to hold his own Comotomo bottle

Bamboo fabric pajamas

Soft, buttery, stretchy fabric is my love language. No, but seriously, bamboo fabric pajamas are the best thing ever. Spending extra money to get quality fabric for that sensitive new baby skin is a game changer. Some personal favorite brands that sell bamboo fabric pajamas are Kickee Pants, Kyte Baby and Silkberry Baby. An added bonus with the stretchy fabric, it made it so much easier dressing a fragile new baby or as he grew, a wiggly infant.

Soft and stretchy bamboo fabric pajamas make him smile!

Bedside Bassinet

This one is a bit tricky for some. While a pack and play may work just fine, it really is not convenient or easy especially for those mamas who may have had a c-section. I personally went with the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper because I liked the swivel feature to avoid getting out of bed every time the baby was awake! I had multiple friends go a more splurge worthy route by purchasing the SNOO. They loved the motion feature of the smart sleeper, sleep log on the app and the built in swaddle. SNOO recently launched a rent now option! Instead of having to fork over the $1,295 to purchase, you rent the same thing for $112 a month. Such a good deal!

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Besides the obvious items like a safe car seat and an easy stroller system, what baby items were worth it for you to splurge on?



Photography: Laura Morsman Photography


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