Hi y’all! Let me just start by saying that I am so excited to share on this amazing website. After becoming a mother, Austin Moms Blog was -and still is- my go-to source for so many parental topics. My hope is to share all the fun, not so fun, down right hard, and rewarding parts of being a mom in this awesome city we call home. 

To be clear, I am not a writer by trade. (Actually, I will be sending this over to my husband for a grammar check when finished!) So grammar mistakes aside, you can expect honesty, positivity, and some humor in my posts. 

A little about me: I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. I grew up in a tight knit family with parents that gave me a loving upbringing full of travels, game nights, and an open door policy for friends. If I am half as good to my boys as they were to my sister and I, that would be a win. I always had the itch to move out of my small town to a city and started that journey by heading to Denton for college. At the University of North Texas, I was a Chi Omega and majored in Fashion Merchandising. 

I soon went further south to Dallas with my best girlfriends and worked in fashion.

During a lake weekend in East Texas, I met my future husband. It was his last year at UT, so we dated long distance for a year before I quit my job, packed my bags, and headed further south for Austin. It was a risky move, but you know how they say “When you know, you just know”? Well, I just knew and left Dallas with only excitement for what was to come. 

Not only did that move lead me to love, it lead me to the city I love as well! After four years together, I married my husband, Greg. We had a couple of short stints away from Austin for work, but kept finding our way back. We now have had two sweet boys – Tristan (4) and Owen (2).

Together, we venture all over the city to find new places to explore. Hiking, biking and playground time are staples of our family.

Becoming a mom felt like finding my calling.

It is not always pretty or easy, but that’s why Austin Moms is here, right? Let’s help each other navigate this mom life together. Cheers!

Ashley was born and raised in a small North Texas town, but made it to Austin as soon as she could. She majored in fashion at The University of North Texas yet worked as an insurance underwriter for 10 years before becoming a SAHM. Having lived in Austin since 2009, she can usually be found exploring the playgrounds and trails of the city or conquering a craft at the dining room table with her two boys. She finds joy in everything from outdoor adventures with her family, travelling with her husband, or binge watching Office reruns while trying to sip wine through a face mask. You can see what Ashley is up to on Instagram @ashleyltobias.


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