Hey girl, hey! My name is Dominique, but most people call me “Dom”. I was born in gloomy Washington state, but raised in sunny San Diego. I am a Cali girl at heart but posses an East Coast vibe. I moved to Texas in 2017, after first moving to San Antonio, Austin truly stole my heart. From its music festivals, to its variety of food trucks.. honestly I don’t see us ever leaving.

After being obsessed with the show Bones, I decided to get my Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, to aspire to become a Forensic Anthropologist.

After realizing I’d have to be in school for several more years, I decided to look into a different medical career. Thank goodness I did because soon after my college graduation, I got married and was soon pregnant with my first child.

Though I’m an only child, I always saw myself having at least eight kids. I currently only have three and they are hella wild, so three might be more realistic than eight. Phoenix, River, and Quest changed my life and really showed me how overwhelming but rewarding motherhood can be. After experiencing 2 miscarriages, I never really knew how strong I was and made me appreciate being a mother even more.

Phoenix, my fire child, will be 5 in April. She is a motherly and compassionate and can’t help but boss her little brothers around. My biggest and strongest child is River. He’s bigger than the average 2 year old and as sweet as ever. My youngest Quest is a true mamas boy and is very stubborn. My children definitely challenge me but keep me grounded at the same time. Luckily, I get to experience them with my best friend, who happens to also be my husband, Bode. He is the complete opposite of me and so we have a pretty balanced thing going on. 

After experiencing some birth trauma, I decided to start a Doula business here in Austin.

I was blessed to be able to deliver a ten pound baby at home, and it was that experience that helped me realize that birth work is truly my passion.

I hope to one day become a Nurse-Midwife and to make an impact in the lives of expectant mothers here in Austin. If I am not raising the future, or helping a mom deliver a baby, you can find me at hobby lobby, supplying my other business, which is personalizing shirts, onesies, cups and more.

I like to think of myself as a Boss Mom. I take charge of things.

Rather it be my family of five’s laundry, or my daughter’s school PTA…or maybe the fact that I was ambitious enough to start two business while being a SAHM. No matter the circumstance, I know that when I’m in Boss Mom mode, things will work out. Despite with all the chaos that comes with being a mom, I enjoy the fact that we always find a way to get it done.

I’m excited about this opportunity and I look forward to sharing a little glimpse of myself through this blog 🙂



  1. This was truly beautiful Dom! Your children’s names are beautiful, it made me feel peaceful saying it. I’m looking forward to getting to know you more through Austin Moms!


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