Cheers Austin Moms Blog friends! I’m Jaime Germany Terry, new to Austin Moms, and I am an encourager! I was born and raised in the great state of New Mexico, also known as the “Land of Enchantment.”

I grew up hearing that I could do anything I put my mind to. As a child, I was known as “Paula Positive,” a person with an empathetic ear, a genuine heart, and a positive outlook. I chose to see life with a sense of optimism. My parents also happen to be the most encouraging, positive, enthusiastic people I know.

Today, I am known for having an encouraging, independent, strong willed, type-a spirit. I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. I get validation in setting goals, achieving them, and checking them off my list. It’s safe to say that I’m starting to celebrate wins (big and small).

I would also consider myself a visionary. I grew up dreaming of achieving my version of the American dream. I planned to go to college, graduate, become a professional, get married, have children, and build a beautiful amazing life with my husband, so I left New Mexico with a plan to do just that. I attended the University of North Texas, pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders.

After graduation, my first job was just focused on making a living. My transition to adult life was a bit different than my initial vision, so I decided to pursue a Masters in Business Administration. Post graduate work, I took a calculated risk and moved to Austin, Texas, to work on a project management team in local government. Austin reminded me of my childhood home, the people were friendly and the city was different (in a hippie sort of way), which reminded me of Albuquerque.

My version of the American dream was back on track. Shortly after moving to Austin, I met a great guy, but we didn’t start dating until a few years later. Together we adventured into skydiving, traveling, and visiting wineries. After a year and a half of dating, we were married in the Hill Country. As a wife, I questioned how to be an amazing professional and live out the dream I envisioned as a kid.

I took on many assumptions, and lost parts of my sense of optimism because I was focused on projecting a perfect life.

In 2016 we became parents, and I took on more assumptions of my ideal perfect life as a wife, mom, and professional. But, soon after our first daughter was born, reality hit.

I started reacting to life based on failed plans and fear of not doing life as a mom and wife “right.” I couldn’t see past failed perfect plans to draw a more realistic vision for our family. At one point, I was so overwhelmed and overworked I became sick.

In late 2017, I attended a local women’s conference and sat in a session on living a life with intent.  In early 2018 I made a declaration to shift my perspective of feeling like the victim based on failed plans, and I stopped recalling my old version of the perfect family and learned to appreciate my family as perfect for me. I also learned to encourage myself, extend kindness, and appreciate all parts of my quirky personality.

  • I am a recovering perfectionist
  • I am an encourager
  • I am a positive person
  • I am empathetic
  • I am learning to be kind to myself
  • I am learning to encourage myself

After finding what works for me, I became a Certified Professional Coach with a goal to assist women in finding personal fulfillment while moving their goals forward.

In 2019, we welcomed our second daughter. With this new season of life, I’m committing to living a life on purpose, pushing past my fears, and taking steps in faith.

I’m learning that the encourager also needs encouraging.

I am no longer playing it safe, I now embrace living outside of my comfort zone.  I look forward to growing, and contributing in this amazing community of Austin Moms.


Jaime Germany Terry is a native “New Mexican,” who moved to Dallas, Texas area to pursue an undergraduate degree. While visiting her closest friend during Graduate school spring break, she proclaimed Austin felt like her childhood home! After finishing her MBA, she relocated to Austin. She is the wife to Aaron, and mommy of two precious little beauties nicknamed: Miss Effervescent and Miss Vibrant. She lovingly refers to her daughters as her “littles.” Initially as a busy wife and mom she became reactive, trying to do it all perfectly. Now as a recovering perfectionist, she’s discovered a way to be responsive and intentional as a wife, mom, and professional. In 2018 she became a Certified Professional Coach with a goal to assist women in finding personal fulfillment while moving their goals forward. She loves listening to audiobooks, podcasts, traveling, and visiting wineries in the Hill Country, and spending time with her family and friends.


  1. Beautifully written! I can relate as a “recovering perfectionist “! It’s so comforting to know that we are all not alone! Looking forward to reading more from you!


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