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Typhoon Texas, here we come! After months of quarantine, we finally felt safe enough to go to the water park. It was at 50% capacity, ticketing and reservations were easy and ensured that the park stayed within patron capacity, the sun was shining and we were all happily walking into a day of fun!

We bought our tickets and made reservations online for $39.99. They are running a special where you buy a Day Ticket and it gets upgraded to a Summer Pass free of charge. You just continue making reservations throughout the summer! Easy!

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We had reserved a cabana as well. Shade and rest from the Texas heat and sun was just too inviting. I loved having the option of ordering food online and having it brought to us ( which can happen anywhere in the park!) or interacting with our waitress. We stuck with our favorites only discovered through intense research over previous summers. So, an order of  cheese sticks, a cheeseburger and the fruit platter (balance!) and we were set!

I loved having a “base” to come back to after several rides for hydration, quick snuggles and deciding where to go next!

We enjoyed the lighter crowd and lines. My daughter took full advantage of the slide lines only being about 5 minutes long while my son lounged in the lazy river. There were social distancing markers in all the lines which made it easier for children to know where to stand and we saw employees wiping down tubes and mats between every use. Chairs were spread further apart, hand sanitizer was available throughout the park and their employees were wearing masks.

Overall, our time was pleasant. The park was clean, the staff was courteous, the lighter crowds were enticing and, as always, the staff was courteous.

We are planning to take full advantage of the Day Ticket turned Summer Pass and reservations weekly!  It also made shopping for a fun Father’s Day outing super easy!

See you there!

Here are 10 things you need to know about Typhoon Texas before you head out there this season! 

1. Reservations are REQUIRED in order for them to comply with social distancing guidelines. You can find the link here: https://www.typhoontexas.com/austin

2. You must buy your tickets prior to making a reservation. There are two types of passes: the Summer Pass and the Day Ticket. Both are $39.99 and allow you access to the park all summer long! The price is subject to change as summer moves forward.

3. Cabanas are a great way to stay cool. The premium cabana comes with waters, Powerades and a fruit tray. Each cabana comes with a waitress. You are able to reserve the cabanas at the above link.

4. This summer they are instituting a summer fast pass feature to your wristband. This allows you to “wait” for your ride virtually while you explore the park. They scan you at the ride and then tell you when to come back.

5. They are taking sanitation very seriously. Not only are staff wearing masks but they are wiping down equipment (such as sliding mats and tubes) in between users.

6. Social distancing made easy!! There are helpful dots for patrons to stand on to ensure distancing in lines.
7. Please don’t bring your own food into the park. For the safety of their team members and to limit potential germs, they are not allowing outside food or drink. Which has always been the case but they are focused on it this summer.
8. The entrance off of 130 is closed. Pass the cones and hang a right at the next light and there is an entrance.
9. There is hand sanitizer at several locations in the park.

10. Bring some sort of shoes to walk around the park. The sidewalks get extremely hot. They do have sprinklers to help provide some relief along the sidewalk but shoes are best.








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