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Between Mom Life, work, 2 dogs, and a house, it feels like the only thing not on my to-do list lately is spend a lot of time on a morning beauty routine. Sound familiar, mama?  Well, I’ve got great news for you! Deka Lash just opened a brand new location in Cedar Park, and they have extremely talented lash artists waiting to help you simplify your beauty routine and keep you looking your best, so you can juggle life’s demands looking as beautiful and confident as the superwoman you are! Here are 5 common myths about eyelash extensions! 

Myth #1: All Lash Studios Are The Same

There’s a reason this is number one and it cannot be stressed enough–all lash studios are NOT the same! Am I speaking from experience? Yes, ma-am. Did I trust my favorite local nail salon to give me a full set of eyelash extensions and lose an obscene number of my natural lashes as a result? I did. Was that experience a good one? No. I learned the hard way that just because a studio or salon offers eyelash extension services, that does not mean the staff includes trained and qualified lash artists.

Deka Lash certifies each of its lash artists upon completion of an extensive internal training program, which includes live models, as well as advanced, continual training even after certification. These lash artists are coached by the best to be the best so you can look your best without compromising the integrity of your natural lashes!

Myth #2: Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes

Extensions should be placed as close as possible to the lash line of each individual natural lash and attached with the smallest amount of adhesive. When done properly, natural lashes aren’t damaged, the adhesive isn’t visible, and the extensions shed naturally along with the lashes they’re attached to. 

Myth #3: You Can’t Get Eyelash Extensions Wet

We all make sacrifices for the sake of looking good, but saying ‘yes’ to gorgeous lashes doesn’t mean saying ‘no’ to swimming, showers, or workouts. Want to get a little relief from the Texas heat and join your kids for a dip in the pool? Dive in, mama! Ready to break a sweat and hit the pavement with your running club? Lace-up and go for it! Just wait 24 hours after application before getting your eyelash extensions wet, then swim and sweat without hesitation!

Myth #4: Eyelash Extensions Are Only For Special Occasions

Think extensions are too dramatic for a trip to the grocery store or do not pair well with the baseball cap and yoga pants you wear to Saturday morning soccer games? Rest easy, mama, not every lash look is the full-volume cat eye you see splashed all over websites and magazine covers. With a thorough consultation included at the beginning of each appointment, your Deka Lash artist will be able to customize any design to achieve that natural, everyday beautiful look you’re going for!

Myth #5: Eyelash Extensions Are Hard To Maintain

So you make the appointment, have an actual adult conversation with the qualified lash artist as she applies your extensions, and have no regrets about breaking-up with mascara because your gorgeous new lashes don’t need it! Now what?

Brush and cleanse – it’s that easy! A few strokes with a lash brush and gently cleansing your lashes once a day is all it takes to maintain your extensions. Don’t own a lash brush?  No worries, mama! From lash brushes to cleansers, Deka Lash has quality products you can pick-up after your appointment to keep your extensions looking fabulash!

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